Big data technologies and applications

The concept of Big Data was created to face the constant increase of the amount of data. Database replication Because today data volumetries are very huge it is necessary to find storage and analysis solutions. Database record To Gartner’s opinion, Big Data adress the issue of 3V : data Volumetry, data Variety (from diverse sources) and Velocity concerning data collection, storage and analysis.

Today Big Data applications were widely developped to address the needs previously quoted and you wonder « Why is Big Data so important ? ». Data recovery certification Because it enables to respond to several issues like predictive analysis, i.e predictive maintenance, predictive sales or stock management. Database programs Real-time analysis is also one Big Data application.

The first and the most popular technology is Apache Hadoop, a framework widely used to treat big volmetries of data.

Raid 1 data recovery Hadoop includes several things : a storage system HDFS, a treatment-planning system YARN and a treatment framework MapReduce. Database 2016 One of the most famous use case of Hadoop is the data lake. Key value database Batch processing

This enables data processing until there are no more data entering system. Database mirroring The continuous and incremental treatments make it possible for the architecture to take into account the new data without processing the previous one. Data recovery techniques The results appear at the end of processing. Data recovery using linux MapReduce (into Hadoop version) and Apache Spark are exemples of batch processing. Data recovery apple Streaming processing

This is the oposite kind of treatment than batch processing. Data recovery google store With this method, the results are accessible before the end of processing. Database works Streaming processing is an easy-to-deployed solution which improves processing time. Data recovery cheap They are often used to implement evolutive solutions. Database of state incentives for renewables and efficiency Lambda architecture

It’s a mix of batch and streaming processing. Data recovery usb stick By using batch processing this architecture enables to balance latency, debit and system failure tolerance by providing conceased views on the data at the same time mixed with real-time data. Database companies NoSQL database

Compared to classical relational databases that cannot store data at a large scale with a quick processing, NoSQL databases give a new approach of data storage, more flexible and adaptable to evolutions and less sensitive to failures. Database application Cassandra and HBase

They are systems of data management bases which are effective in reading and writing huge amounts of data. Database online This kind of base is capable to bear the progressive increases in stored data without altering the existing functions. Database high availability Cloud computing

Cloud computing is the promoted way of deploying Big Data technologies. Database utility Indeed, these technologies are demanding in huge storage and processing capacities and the Cloud is today the best solution able to bear these volumetries : more powerful and less expensive than a classical on-premise solution. Data recovery zagreb Saagie, the « technological jewel » of Big Data. Database javascript Why ?

Because Saagie provides THE Big Data Platform As A Service, mixing all the existing technologies. Database administrator jobs Whatever the technology you are familiar with, Saagie aligns with you !

Saagie is an end-to-end platform to store, treat, analyze and expose the data of a company to the users. Data recovery for iphone With Saagie you can also develop smartapps addressing one particular business issue.