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David Laurila speaks with Larry Andersen about his slider, the pitch that landed Andersen in Boston in exchange for now Hall of Famer Jeff Bagwell. Top 10 data recovery software free download I like this part:

“[The Astros] did want me to shorten up the leg kick a little, because guys could run on me. Database query optimization But I was more concerned with the hitter. Qmobile data recovery I wasn’t so much worried about…

especially the speedsters, like an Ozzie Smith or a Vince Coleman. No 1 data recovery software I’d take a look and make sure they were stopped, but they were probably going to run anyway. Data recovery iphone free They were going to take the bag. Database 11g My main concern was not giving up hits, so I focused on the hitter.”

The article is interesting throughout. Data recovery thumb drive Part of the reason for trading Bagwell was that it looked liked he was blocked in the Boston organization. Data recovery hardware tools Wade Boggs was playing third, and Scott Cooper was right behind Boggs. Os x data recovery Mo Vaughn was ripping up AAA, so the Sox didn’t think of moving Bagwell to first. R studio data recovery download Houston certainly got a bargain in that deal.

The Orioles must be thrilled to get Trumbo at roughly $12.5 million per year, though there was an ongoing internal debate over the merits of receiving the draft pick attached to him before the new collective bargaining agreement takes hold.

There was a common assumption made that Trumbo would rake in at least four years and maybe five after leading the majors with 47 home runs and hitting another one in the wild card game at age 30. Data recovery western digital The market was flooded with power hitters, it moved slowly and Trumbo “settled” for three.

He’s not going to lose any sleep over it. Top 5 data recovery software He earned a healthy raise after making $9.15 million last year while avoiding an arbitration hearing.

Trumbo is a bit of a one-dimensional player, and that dimension is power. Data recovery mac He makes outs and hits home runs. Database website Looking at his batted ball stats, he doesn’t really hit line drives. Data recovery denver He either puts the ball in the air, or he smashed it into the ground. Data recovery galaxy s4 Fortunately for him, when the ball gets in the air, it tends to leave the park especially at Camden Yards.

I’m somewhat surprised another team didn’t see a chance to get Trumbo cheap and either offer him four years or another million dollars a year. R studio data recovery free full version It looks like the slugger wanted to stay in Baltimore.

Finally, in their tenth and final chance, Roger Clemens and Barry Bonds will get their day in Cooperstown. Data recovery equipment I predict it will come with some boos and boycotts from some Hall of Famers, but these two ultimately deserve to be honored. Database primary key Before they turned to medicinal methods, both had Hall of Fame achievements. Database link oracle Perhaps it’s fitting that those two polarizing figures will share the stage with David Ortiz, who was beloved by Red Sox Nation. 7 data recovery key This class has a lot to offer: a pair of heroes for Red Sox fans, a Yankee ace, east coast superstars, and a west coast superstar.

One reason players stay on the ballot a long time is so any animosity between players and writers gets a chance to fade away. Database manager salary That’s a big reason Jim Rice and Bert Blyleven made it on their last ballots, time allowed newer voters who judged them mainly on statistics to push them over the edge. Database processing I also believe that a last ballot election is a bit of a punishment for players who do not have a clean record in the game, like Tim Raines. Database xcode If you look at the statistics for Bonds and Clemens, they should be first ballot Hall of Famers. Database administrator salary Getting in on the tenth ballot will force future fans to ask why and force them to learn about the PED era.

I don’t think Ortiz will get in on the first ballot. Data recovery iphone 4s Voters are still not convinced a designated hitter deserves election. Fundamentals of database systems That will keep enough from voting for Ortiz his first time on the ballot. Database er diagram He’ll make it, but probably in 2023 or 2024.

Update: Here is the voting. Data recovery tools linux What I find interesting is that Barry Bonds and Roger Clemens finished much closer to 50% than the public ballots indicated. Data recovery wizard for mac It really seems to me to be a generational split. Database etl The younger, more open members vote for those two, the older, more closed off members don’t.

I’m very glad to see Tim Raines elected. Database lock He and Rickey Henderson set the bar for what a great lead-off hitter should be. Data recovery reviews Both were more than just on base machines and base stealers. Database d b They hit for power as well, Raines often used in the middle of the order.

Rodriguez was the top of the class of a new generation of catchers that started with Benito Santiago. Ads b database They could hit, they could throw, they were all-around good athletes.

There is a great story about Jeff Bagwell, Bill James, and STATS, Inc. Database denormalization In 1990, STATS published their Major League Handbook, the first to include projections that included players who had not yet made the majors. Pokemon y database One of them was Jeff Bagwell. Data recovery icon He was projected to hit .318/.400/.436. Fda 510 k database Peter Gammons reviewed the book and wrote that STATS had picked Jeff Bagwell to win the NL Batting title in 1991. Google hacking database That was not what was intended. Database concepts 6th edition pdf Peter had gone through all the BAs and found Bagwell had the highest.

This was actually bad news, because other pundits thought it was ridiculous to project a minor leaguer that high. Data recovery utility James later told me that if he had realized they projected Bagwell to have the highest BA in the league, they would have scaled it back. Data recovery from hard drive Luckily, Bagwell hit .294/.387/.437 that season, and while he didn’t win the batting title, the James projection was very good, and people started accepting that you could predict major league performance from minor league stats.

According to sources, the 26-year-old first baseman will receive a $15 million signing bonus, to be paid in installments ($1 million within 30 days of approval, $5.5 million on Nov. Database objects 15, 2018, and $8.5 million on Nov. Data recovery raid 5 15, 2019). Database architect He will make $2 million annually in 2017 and 2018, $3 million in 2019 and $20 million per year from 2020 through 2022. Data recovery options The option for 2023 is worth $20 million with a $1 million buyout. Database jobs Myers gets a one-time $1 million assignment bonus if he is traded.

“We’re excited to secure a player with talent like Wil’s for the next six years,” Padres General Manager A.J. H2 database file Preller said in a statement. R studio data recovery serial key “Wil has shown that he wants to be in San Diego and wants to be a Padre, and he is going to be an integral part of our team and the community as we continue to build a championship club.”

“I want to thank the Padres organization for giving me this opportunity, and Padres fans for their support,” Myers, who will attend a press conference Monday at Petco Park, said in the statement. Database query languages “I’ve loved my time in San Diego and I’m excited to be a part of what we’re building for the future.”

This has the potential to be a very good deal for the Padres. P d database Myers just needs to produce about 11 WAR over the six years for the Padres to break even, so if he posts a couple of more seasons like 2016 during his prime, the Padres would be most of the way their. Database 101 I suspect what would work best for San Diego is that Myers performs great through 2019, and they flip the biggest part of the contract to some other team. M power database If he’s a solid three-WAR per season player, the $20 million a year will be worth the prospects to some big money team.

I am, however, a bit surprised that Myers gave away so many free agent years. Data recovery from external hard drive I suspect he sees that their is decent risk of injury given his history, so getting big money now was worth it. Database join types Of course, it’s possible he just likes San Diego and wants to stay.

The other day I mentioned to a friend that I had been to a game in Montreal in 1997 and saw Chipper Jones hit a grand slam off of Pedro Martinez. Section 8 database As you can see from the list below, the last case was in 1995 (and the last one before that was in 1985). Icd 9 database That ten year gap is interesting.

Maybe it has been happening less in recent years or decades as the number of teams expanded, possibly making it less likely for future Hall of Famers to face each other. Database xampp Now it probably takes time for cases to make the list since it can take years for players to get into the Hall, so that might be the reason why it has not happened in twenty years. Database administrator jobs Of course, it also depends on the writers and any selection committees that choose players. Data recovery joondalup Roger Clemens, for example, allowed grand slams to Mike Piazza and Frank Thomas. Database of genomic variants Without a PED issue, Clemens would be in and we would have some more recent cases.

Note that Greg Maddux did not allow a regular season grand slam until 1996, and only gave up three for his career. Database viewer He did allow a slam to Will Clark during the 1989 playoffs. H data recovery registration code free download Mark McGwire, John Olerud, and Benito Santiago hit the homers. Database hardware Without the PED stain, McGwire would be in and we would also have another example. Database roles It’s also clear it took a very good hitter to slam Maddux. B tree database management system Santiago was the first of the three.

ESPN released all 17 ballots employees submitted for the Hall of Fame vote. Database file While no player appeared on every ballot, Tim Raines and Edgar Martinez enjoyed overwhelming support, while Barry Bonds and Roger Clemens received 75% of the votes. Data recovery near me Note that the same group of people, 13 of the 17, voted for Bonds and Clemens.

With over 50% of the ballots public, it would appear Raines and Jeff Bagwell will earn induction. Database job description Vladimir Guerrero, Trevor Hoffman, and Ivan Rodriguez are going to be close. Data recovery 94fbr Bonds and Clemens are going to be up this season, but not as far as early returns indicated. Database foreign key The people who wanted the last two elected got out in front early, making their votes public. Database as a service There is now going to be a stronger dialog among voters over the next year, and how far the needle moves in 2018 will tell us if these new and changed voters are convincing others.

Note that amount of money indicates the Blue Jays think that Bautista will produce much closer to his 2016 1.4 WAR than his three season average of 4.0 WAR. Iphone 6 data recovery Even taking a 10% yearly decline in WAR into account and valuing one WAR at $7.5 million would make the contract worth around $50 million. Database google drive The Blue Jays could wind up with a very good deal here.

There were rumors last spring, denied by Bautista, that he wanted five and $150 million. Data recovery geek squad If either his demand or the Blue Jays offer were true, then Bautista greatly misjudged the market.

More and more it looks like the players are in the position of the owners in the first 25 years of free agency. Database recovery pending During that time, owners did a poor job of valuing players when they became free agents. Data recovery prices They were still under the impression that a player’s peak extended farther into the age 30 seasons than it actually did. Database sharding They were saving money on good, young players due to the remnants of the reserve clause, but throwing those saving away on declining veterans.

Now, it seems the players are stuck in a mind set. Database keys with example The MLBPA set up free agency and arbitration to drive up salaries. Data recovery xfs Veteran players would get big contracts due to the small supply of free agents. Database management systems 3rd edition Younger players would go to arbitration, and that bigger money at top would indirectly raise their salaries in arbitration.

Now, teams are smarter and understand the system. Database engineer salary It’s unusual now to see an older player get an outrageous contract. Jstor database The money saved on youngsters, rather than being wasted on veteran free agents, goes into the pockets of the owners, or for a reasonable extension to a great young player (see Mike Trout, or Albert Pujols with the Cardinals).

What worked for the players in 1976 doesn’t work today. E m database If the union wants to get back to the players making huge money in free agent contracts, it’s time to reduce the years to free agency. Data recovery richmond va Get more players free agents at 26, and the money will start to flow again.

Harper settled for $13.625 million, far above the $9 million MLB Trade Rumors projected he would make, and a significant raise over the $5 million his two-year deal paid him last year. Data recovery software Since he had signed a two-year deal before the 2015 season, Harper did not get the kind of pay raise he would have gotten if he entered arbitration after his MVP season. Data recovery advisor Harper struggled (by his own standards) in 2016, as his average and on-base percentage dropped by nearly 90 points each, and his homer count fell from 42 to 24 — but he seems to be getting part of that 2015 payday now.

Players two years away from free agency tend to get about 60% of their free agent value. Database host name That would put Harper at three WAR, rather than the 5.5 WAR the projection systems are indicating. Database performance If Harper bounces back to a 5+ WAR player, his free agency is going to be very interesting.

The other day I noted that the price of pitch tracking hardware was coming down. Data recovery broken hard drive Today, Peter Gammons writes about all the pitchers buying the hardware and software to train themselves:

After finishing last season with the Marlins, Breslow bought a Raspodo device, which tracks total spin, spin efficiency, tilt axis and velocity. Database xe It can be downloaded onto his iPad and costs far less than Trackman or Pitch f/x devices. Database yml mysql He has dropped his arm angle, worked on his breaking ball, hashed philosophy with Hill and after an in person viewing, one scout described Breslow’s movement as “sick.” The Red Sox, Dodgers, Yankees and Mets will be among the teams on hand to view the workout. 5 database is locked There was a time when Breslow appeared to be the next big thing in Stem Cell Research, but that got postponed in 2002 when he beat Harvard’s much-watched Ben Crockett—now Boston’s VP and farm director—in Cambridge, and might just get postponed until Breslow is in his Fourties.

It looks like life is going to get tougher for hitters. Database fundamentals I suspect the next thing we will see are pitching machines that match a release point and spin rate.

I’m not just talking about the ones on the ballot. Database concepts I’m talking about the hundreds of clean players who had their livelihoods compromised by steroid users. Database icon These are the voices I hear every time I fill out a Hall of Fame ballot. Database versioning I know how bastardized the game was back then. Database 2013 The inspiration for the 2002 story I wrote on steroids in baseball, which began the public pressure that eventually led to the union dropping its iron-clad resistance to drug testing, were the many clean players who volunteered to me over the 2000 and ’01 seasons how the game was horribly twisted. Database cursor They told me their dilemma: Either you put yourself at a disadvantage by playing the game clean, or you were forced to risk your health, conscience and legal standing to keep up with the cheats. Database list One clean player I know competed three times with three different teams for a starting job. Database queries must be All three times he lost the job to a steroid user. Database journal He never made big money.

In my 2002 story, people mocked former NL MVP Ken Caminiti for suggesting that as many as half the players were on PEDs, claiming he exaggerated the problem. Data recovery boston Many of the same people today, in order to simplify their voting, blithely say, “Ah, everybody was doing it.”