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DBCleaner is a component that can be implemented more than one way. Database migration Each with its own set of challenges and short and long-term costs. Data recovery free The following design approach section explores some of these various decision points. Database vs spreadsheet What is DBCleaner?

DBCleaner is an internal implementation similar to DBDoctor’s logical relationship scrubber feature that runs periodically and automatically to clean up stale relationship data to prevent issues in future orders.

 Customer intervention is not necessary however, a manual option will be provided so that customers can invoke DBCleaner manually if desired.

• Index cleaner – searches through all the indexes in the system looking for references to non-existent objects and deletes those index entries. Database name sql Note that there is already a tool that is part of dbUtils that does this on demand. Database management All that needs to be done is to incorporate this into a regularly running maintenance job.There are two possible missing related objects in indexes – keys and the related object that the key refers to. Data recovery miami In the examples below, c olumn family CFA has a reference to column family CFB. H2 database viewer The index allows us to easily get a list of CFA instances for a given CFB URI. Database replication In this picture, the key is missing:

Missing references have been encountered in the field for mulitple indexes and column families. Database record To my knowledge, we’ve never seen a missing key object. Data recovery certification However if there were a missig key object, it’s likely that we’d never know since this would not cause any problems – just fill up the index with invalid records that would never be used.

• StringSet, StringMap, and StringSetMap cleaner – searches through each StringSet, StringMap and StringSetmap in each column family looking for references to objects that do not exist. Database programs Non existent references are removed from the column family StringSet, StringMap or StringSetMap. Raid 1 data recovery DBCleaner code needs to be able to detect the difference between a truly stale reference and a reference that has been committed to the database just before the referenced object.

• URI cleaner – searches through each String, NamedURI and URI field in each column family looking for references to objects that don’t exist. Database 2016 Non existent references are removed. Key value database Locking is necessary for this (or this needs to be done in a maintenance mode) to avoid collisions from other jobs updating the same field. Database mirroring As with StringSets and StringSetMap, DBCleaner code needs to be able to detect the difference between a truly stale reference and a reference that has been committed to the database just before the referenced object.

The following picture shows a list (which could be a StringSet, StringMap or StringSetMap) with an invalid entry and a single object reference (which could be a string, URI or NamedURI) with an invalid entry:

DBCleaner will be broken down in to two components, a scanner and a scrubber. Data recovery techniques The scanner component scans the database looking for inconsistencies while the scrubber component fixes those inconsistencies. Data recovery using linux The scanner is a read only component and therefore can run at any time while orders are running. Data recovery apple The scrubber component must only run when there are no running orders on the system to avoid collisions with other updates. Data recovery google store What are the major design approaches?

• Arguments against include lack of control in calling an external tool while in a maintenance mode (ViPR could not time out and abort if maintenance mode went to long)

It makes the most sense for the domain specific cleaner to be run as a dispatched job and the generic cleaner to be run as a background task in the DB Service. Database works High Level Implementation Details General principles

DbCleaner scanner will search for all cases where an index key references a non-existing object. Data recovery cheap When such a record is found, it will be deleted from the index column family immediately without waiting for a maintenance window.

DBCleaner scanner will also search for indexed fields that are missing from the index column family. Database of state incentives for renewables and efficiency Missing index entries will be fixed immediately but additional checking is needed to make sure there’s no interference with running orders that are in the process of removing indexed fields. Data recovery usb stick To ensure that DBCleaner scanner doesn’t interfere with any running order, indexes will only be fixed if they have been detected at least twice during consecutive DBCleaner scans and if the record with the missing index has not been updated since the last scan. Database companies Bad Index References

DBCleaner will search for index entries where the referenced object doesn’t exist. Database application Bad index references will be fixed as they are found without waiting for a maintenance window. Database online Bad References within Column Families

References from one instance of a column family to another that are either members of a list or single object references will be scanned for any references that don’t exist. Database high availability For example, Export contains a list of Initiators. Database utility The list of Initiators for each Export will be checked to make sure each refers to an entry in the Initiator column family. Data recovery zagreb Any bad references will be recorded for the scrubber to pick up and resolve at a future time. Database javascript Storing Inconsistencies resolved and to be resolved in the future

All inconsistencies found will be recorded in a new system column family. Database administrator jobs Metadata about issues found is stored in this new column family so that it’s very clear what what issues were resolved and when. Data recovery for iphone This column family is also used to by the scrubber to find inconsistencies to resolve.

The scrubber runs during a maintenance window. Data recovery victoria bc It picks up and resolves issues from the DBCleaner system column family. 10k database The scrubber only updates data if there are no orders running on the system. Data recovery software mac More investigation needs to be done to determine how the scrubber will be initiated. Cost of data recovery from hard drive Maintenance Window

A maintenance window is necessary to resolve issues while ViPR is up and running. S cerevisiae database A maintenance window will start when it is detected that no orders are running and end after the scrubber has resolved all known issues. Snl database During this maintenance window, orders can be started but they will pend until the maintenance window is ended. Database 4500 It is expected that the maintenance window duration will be negligible or at most a few minutes.

More investigation is needed to determine how we get into this maintenance window and how we block orders while in the maintenance window. Data recovery miami fl Exclusions and Limitations

• Repairing differences between ViPR’s internal database and external resources (arrays, etc.) is outside the scope of this project. Data recovery sd card These types of inconsistencies will be handled as part of a separate project: External Resource Checker & User Notification.

• Performance testing with a large db needs to be tested; the recurrence cycle should be greater than the time it takes to run DBCleaner (for example if it takes a day to run DBCleaner, we shouldn’t allow it to run hourly)