Are smartphones really smart_ is there a reason for calling them smart_

It all started with Nikola Tesla‘s predictions. Database management systems If he wouldn’t have envisioned the wireless phones, I feel it would have taken more time to see mobile phones. 7 data recovery review Nikola Tesla/image credits –

From telephones to the smartphones we are using, everything evolved in the blink of an eye, and it changed the way we communicate with our friends & family.

Mode s database By the way, do you know which is the first smartphone? IBM Simon along with iPhone | image credits:

It’s not the Apple’s iPhone launched in 2007, and the first smartphone was launched 15 years before Apple launched their first iPhone. Windows 8 data recovery Actually, it was IBM Simon, demonstrated in 1992, and it was also the first smartphone with a touch screen. Java 8 database Smart? Are they!

We all remember using telephones/ landlines, basic handsets/ feature phones and of course smartphones, and don’t you see the evolution already? From a wired device to a palm-sized gadget that can fit right in your pocket, everything happened in a matter of 20 years. Database tools The mobile phone revolution was not just in the size and design, but in the performance, wise too. Drupal 7 database api PalmTX | image credits: Wikipedia

Now, do you remember using PDAs? Duh! The personal digital assistants? If you’re a millennial, you’d have seen used by others on roads, trains, etc. Raid 6 data recovery They were carried along with the basic [bulky] mobile phones, and these are actually touch-screen devices which can get connected to the internet. Database architecture Not just that, they have futuristic features [at that time] like Bluetooth connectivity, Wi-Fi connectivity, GPS, memory card slot, etc. Iphone 4 data recovery software Just like a typical computer, they do have a native OS, and they can also get synced to a computer using USB.

So, a smartphone is basically a fusion of mobile phone and a PDA. Database java During 2000’s, we saw a huge number of smartphones from several brands, and the best among all of them was Nokia phones. Data recovery android Either it is a feature phone, or a camera-centric phone, Nokia always had a high hand in the business, as well as in customer satisfaction. C database tutorial Nokia N95 | image credits:

Slowly, all the users started using smartphones instead of a basic feature phone, and the introduction of open-source Android also helped to grow the smartphone market. Data recovery services cost Enough of this history, tell me why do we call them smart?

“Well, Smart is not just an intelligent quotient, it’s also about the speed and performing flawlessly! Here are a few reasons why I consider smartphones as smart [up to an extent] –

• Comparing to a massive computer like ENIAC [we, the humans built a few years back for arithmetic calculations] to the smartphones we are using, the difference is not in just in size but in the speed & performance, too

• A smartphone is a compilation of several gadgets like camera, computer, a mobile phone, a video player, a music player, and even a calculator [ A Swiss knife in gadgets]

All these conclude the smartphones are one of the greatest inventions, and they are smart comparing to the then mobile phones. Data recovery professional But they do have limitations! You either give voice commands or setup programming in such a way to make your tasks get done. Data recovery images Well, to make a perfect smartphone, all we need is either an Ai-based OS or an Ai-based digital assistant. Database management system So, in the coming future, you can expect the smartphone that defines the meaning smart, but the current smartphones are not as smart as they are calling to be! It’s all about how we are making use of it.