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There are various application settings which can be set through the Setup|Application Settings menu. Database business rules This sections describes the various options found in this menu. Iphone 5 data recovery System Settings User Interface

Here the language can be set. Database implementation The number of languages supported in Domoticz is rapidly growing. Raid 1 data recovery software Check the forum for updates on languages.

Seagate data recovery Location

For control of Light/Switches based on Sunset / Sunrise timings Domoticz needs to know your location. Database report Location Setup is done by entering the Latitude/Longitude parameters in degrees N and E.

If you wish to protect Domoticz (for instance if you have shared the port to the outside world), you can specify the Username/Password that needs to be entered to access the system.

By clicking the current version number at the upper left side of every Domoticz page the list of changes for the current version will be shown.

A maximum of 60 seconds is granted to get the update or else an error message will appear. Data recovery specialist If your internet speed is poor or the site is to busy, try again later or proceed to the manual update (note 2).

For reasons yet unknown an update could end up in a non working Domoticz. Data recovery iphone 6 A howto will be written for that but for now consult this thread in the Forum.

When the Automatic Backup feature is ticked the system will create a backup every hour in the domoticz/backups/hourly/ folder, a daily backup in the domoticz/backups/daily/ folder and a monthly backup in the domoticz/backups/monthly/ folder. Database building In that way there will always be a recent copy of the Domoticz database available.

Every meter/sensor value will be logged each 5 minutes. Data recovery top 10 By default 1 day of 5 minute logs will be kept and displayed in a graph when the log is requested. Database hosting It is possible to enlarge this window to a maximum of 7 days, but keep in mind this will cost more hard disk space. Data recovery best Also when working remotely there is more data to be transferred resulting in a slower response.

Some utility devices might use another basic scale for their meter (pulses/kWh for example). Data recovery program It is also possible to enter the costs for Energy, Gas and Water here. 7 data recovery 94fbr These values will be used when displaying reports. Database languages T1 is the night/weekend rate, T2 is the day rate.

By default the OWL 113 displays the electrical current in Ampere. Database ranking It is possible to display this in Power (Watt). Data recovery youtube For this you need to supply the normal housing voltage.

This specifies the maximum time spread that randomness will provide when the randomness check box is selected within the Timers area of Switches and Scenes.

The end result will be that the Switch will turn on sometimes at 21:50, sometimes at 22:10, and at various other random times between these values. 911 database This is useful if you wish to make it appear that you are at home, and aren’t actually automating the control of a Switch.

When this checkbox is checked, the ‘event script triggers’ will be logged which was the default behavior. Data recovery download This logging of the ‘event script triggers’ can be disabled by unchecking the checkbox.