Apple iphone se 2 rumors everything we know so far database 4 net

Now, if the rumor mill is to be believed the iPhone SE 2 is about to arrive, and it could land in a matter of weeks with a price comfortably half that of the flagship iPhone X. If Apple follows a similar recipe, the iPhone SE 2 could offer a smaller, more compact size for consumers who don’t want a huge smartphone bulging in their pockets and slipping out of their hands. It could come in a range of bold, punchy colors — the ‘fun’ iPhone if you will, a splash of personality among its monochrome, monolithic siblings.

Unusual for an iPhone, the original SE was launched at a media event in March 2016, instead of at the company’s usual iPhone reveal in the fall. The phone was pitched as a more budget-friendly option and offered iPhone 4 and 5 owners the option of upgrading without switching to the larger and more expensive iPhone 6.

For the SE 2, rumors have built up quickly in recent weeks, and with WWDC just around the corner, Apple’s annual developer event looks likely to host the new handset’s debut. WWDC (Worldwide Developer Conference) will begin, as ever, with a keynote address led by Apple chief executive Tim Cook, and it is during this presentation on June 4 that we expect to see the iPhone SE 2. The event will also give us our first look at iOS 12 and new versions of Apple’s software across its Mac, Apple TV and Watch product lines.

Backing up this assumption is news from April of a mysterious new iPhone passing through the Eurasian Economic Commission database (via French Apple site Consomac). Similar to when unreleased products are spotted passing through the FCC, this is a very good indication that a new iPhone is due to enter mass production soon, and as the main iPhones don’t usually launch until the fall, all fingers are pointing at the SE 2.

Secondly, because of the iPhone SE’s smaller size, the notch in this render would be around half the size of the X’s. We’re not sure if even Apple — who allegedly faced real difficulties scaling down Face ID to fit in the X — would be able to shrink the hardware by 50 percent in less than a year. But the render doesn’t have a home button, so there’s no Touch ID. How will an iPhone SE 2 like this be unlocked? It is very unlikely that Apple would ditch both Touch ID and Face ID for any new model, given how closely linked they are to services like Apple Pay.

The current iPhone SE has a 4-inch screen with a resolution of 1136 x 640. This still means it can be called a ‘Retina Display’ by Apple‘s marketing department, but it is starting to show its age. If — and that’s a big if — the edge-to-edge renders are accurate, then the screen size will increase and its ratio will likely shift to be taller and narrower, bringing more pixels to the party.

Performance upgrades and improvements to the phone’s cameras are, of course, a given. The current SE’s A9 process is from 2015 and first appeared in the iPhone 6S of the same year. It also appeared in the entry-level 2017 iPad, but is now used exclusively by the ageing SE.

We also wonder if Apple will bring the SE in line with its other smartphones and offer wireless charging. It’s a convenient feature for sure, but would mean replacing the SE’s iconic aluminum back with glass, making the phone more fragile and — in my opinion, at least — removing some of the phone’s identity.

The headphone jack might also be removed, but given this phone is aimed at more budget-conscious spenders who might not have Bluetooth headphones — and at emerging markets with similar price constraints — I think the jack will remain for now.

The current 32GB and 128GB storage options could well stay the same, as Apple is notoriously bad at increasing these with any regularity. The company’s usual excuse that customers can just use iCloud for storage instead might (might) work in the US and Western Europe, but some of the SE’s key markets – China, India – lack blanket 4G coverage to make iCloud the convenient option Apple thinks it is. Not that we expect this will give the SE2 more storage.