Note:Couchbase Lite 1.1.0 has a new optimized database schema which is not backwards compatible with 1.0.4 and earlier release. Yorku database Once automatically migrated to the Couchbase Lite 1.1.0 format, your application’s

.cblite database files are no longer readable by earlier versions. O o data recovery This would only impact developers attempting to share a database among multiple apps running different versions of Couchbase Lite, or Couchbase Lite downgrade scenarios.

Android Studio users should add the following line to the top-level dependency section to your app’s build.gradle file: compile ‘com.couchbase.lite:couchbase-lite-android:1.1.0’

This is our second quality release for 1.0.0. Data recovery illustrator As we continue to firm up our existing quality and performance while building toward enhancements and features, we’ve gone over and done a number of major improvements on our built-in test infrastructure including using a mockwebserver that better simulates “un”-happy network paths.

We also addressed a number of major behavior issues around replication, and purged or deleted documents, as well as our pluggable cookie-based auth support. Database management software More information regarding these highlighted functional fixes can be found below.

This is our first quality release for 1.0.0. Database normalization example Our core focus for this patch was to address immediate behavior correctness issues as well as an overall performance improvement around Attachment replication and LiveQuery updates.

This is our first official release for Couchbase Lite. Database virtualization A major change from our Beta releases and 1.0.0 is an expansion of our platform support, which includes a 1.0.0 ready version of “portable” Java libraries to support Linux-based app development. Data recovery machine We’ve also made a lot of advancement in the performance stability of our Android and Java platform, created better parity for our authentication support, and enabled better logging for community debugging feedback. Data recovery cell phone Simultaneously to this release, we have also published our first beta for our C# support in a collaborative effort with our partner, Xamarin.

There is a known security issue for Android PhoneGap/REST developers using API Level 17 and below.

Data recovery wizard free This issue is captured in the following issue: #48

There are known performance issues that we plan to fix before general release. Pokemon x database These performance issues include slowness in replication and in view creation. Data recovery chicago These issues include the following: 123, 125, 126

This is a known issue that multiple updates to a single document within a single transaction will cause a conflict error. R studio data recovery full version This issue is currently being reviewed and addressed in the following: 220.