An architecture to infer business rules from event condition action rules implemented in the persistence layer (pdf download available)

The business rules that govern the behaviour of a business process can be hardcoded in different ways in a software application. Database best practices The modernization or improvement of these applications to a process-oriented perspective implies typically the modification of the business rules. Database schema Frequently, legacy systems are not well documented, and almost always the documentation they have is not updated.

Data recovery external hard drive As a consequence, many times it is necessary to analyze the source code and databases structures to transform them into a business language more understandable by the business experts involved in the modernization process. Database 1 to many Database triggers are one of the artefacts in which business rules are hardcoded. Data recovery galaxy s6 The authors focus on this kind of artefact, having in mind to avoid the manual analysis of the triggers by a database expert and bringing it closer to business experts. Os x data recovery software To achieve this, they need to discover business rules that are hardcoded in triggers and translate them into vocabularies that are commonly used by business experts. Database technology In this chapter, the authors propose an ADM-based architecture to discover business rules and rewrite them into a language that can be understood by the business experts.

[Show abstract] [Hide abstract] ABSTRACT: Business Process Management (BPM) is becoming a strategic advantage for organizations to streamline their operations. Database queries definition Most business experts are betting for OMG Business Process Model and Notation (BPMN) as de-facto standard (ISO/IEC 19510:2013) and selected technology to model processes. Data recovery mac free The temporal dimension underlies in any kind of process however, technicians need to shape this perspective that must also coexist with task control flow aspects, as well as resource and case perspectives. Data recovery phone BPMN poorly gathers temporary rules. Database normalization This is why there are contributions that extend the standard to cover such dimension. Data recovery quote BPMN is mainly an imperative language. Database key types There are research contributions showing time constraints in BPMN, such as (i) BPMN patterns to express each rule with a combination of artifacts, thus these approaches increase the use of imperative BPMN style, and (ii) new decorators to capture time rules semantics giving clearer and simpler comprehensible specifications. Database instance Nevertheless, these extensions cannot yet be found in the present standard.

[Show description] [Hide description] DESCRIPTION: Organizations oriented to software business have similar problems to other productive organizations; they are subject to globalization, competitiveness and they also need dynamic and evolutionary computer-aided software tools for managing life cycle of their projects that may quickly adapt to complex and changing environments. Data recovery raid 0 They also use the BPM (Business Process Management) approach for definition and execution of their own business process based on BPMN (Business Process Model Notation) language. Data recovery tools A business expert, within these complex organizations, manages knowledge that lies in these multiple and heterogeneous automated tools, distributed all over the world, each one with different languages and data structures that usually are relational databases. Database programming languages Model Driven Engineering (MDE) paradigm and several standards of the Object Management Group (OMG) based on the Model Driven Architecture (MDA) together with other research works offer concepts, metamodels and methods for software reverse engineering going from application code and data structures to models of higher level of abstraction nearest to the business expert level. Super 8 database We will look for proposals to discover this knowledge, gathering artifacts that lie in relational databases such as table structures, constraints and hardcoded triggers.

The desired result must be a global data business view of the whole organization containing common and essential data structures (business models, business processes structures, resources involved and metrics for processes, etc.). 5 databases This global view must have a high level of independency from every used computer-aided tool. H data recovery registration code It will also allow extracting global reports and efficient migrations between pairs of these tools and it will be more stable along time.