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To fully access and appreciate the features and technologies associated to, and installed with, the Altium Vault, requires the latest version of Altium Designer. Database health check Installation & Other Software

Due to the observed unpredictable behavior of antivirus software, it is recommended to disable such software during the installation of the Altium Vault.

If the computer is also running Microsoft Exchange Server, you might receive an HTTP Error 503 error when you first attempt to log in. R studio data recovery software The installation of the Exchange Server can change the Internet Information Services (IIS) configuration in a way that conflicts with the Vault.

Data recovery iphone To resolve this, the following changes must be made to the applicationHost.config file:

The port number used for secure vault connections is defined during the vault installation process, on the Altium Vault Configuration page of the Installer. Ease use data recovery Use the default port ( 9785) or enter an alternative.

The configuration and server bindings for the Altium Vault can be accessed from the Windows Internet Information Services (IIS) Manager panel – available from the Administration Tools window ( Control Panel\System and Security\Administrative Tools). Free database software Select the ‘Altium Vault’ entry in the panel’s Connections list, and choose the Features View tab.

The available ports and server names for the Altium Vault are shown as selectable links in the Actions pane. Raid 0 data recovery software Use the links to note and test the vault connection protocols, or access the current name/port bindings by selecting the Bindings link in the Edit Site section of the pane.

Note that the server name localhost only applies to the local machine, so PCs other than the one that is hosting the Altium Vault need to use the actual (server) name of that host machine to connect.

To confirm the name of the host PC on which the Altium Vault is installed and running, on that machine go to Control Panel\System and Security\System and note both the Computer name and Full computer name (its qualified domain name) – the latter will be that used by the Altium Vault for secure connections over the network (as also indicated in the Site Bindings dialog, above).

The Altium Vault currently offers a self-signed Identity Certificate for secure connections, which can you choose to accept in your browser to proceed. Mail database Some browsers (for example Firefox) offer the option to permanently accept the certificate, so that further action is not required. Hdata recovery master Default Service & Management URLs

The following table summarizes the default service URLs for the Altium Vault, based on HTTP and HTTPS protocols, and using default installation port numbering. In database Service

The following table summarizes the default management URLs for the Altium Vault (URLs corresponding to pages of the Altium Vault’s browser-based interface) – again, based on HTTP and HTTPS protocols, and using default installation port numbe ring. Drupal 7 database query Altium Vault Management Page

* These pages (or their parents) are accessed through the ADMIN menu – available to administrators for the Altium Vault (those that are members of the Administrators role). Data recovery usa Protocol used for Service-to-Service Communications

The Altium Vault installs a number of core services, as well as browser-based management consoles, and a Vault Explorer (also browser-based). Data recovery business In order to access any of these services, a user’s identity must be recognized and authenticated. Database visualization The Altium Vault comes with one predefined user ( Username: admin, Password: admin). Data recovery qatar The Users page of the vault’s browser-based interface can be used to add and manage more users. Data recovery no root There is no limit to the number of users that may be registered to access and use the vault, but there is a limit on simultaneous connections, as determined and enforced by required licensing.

The software checks every hour for the presence of valid license files. Database keywords Without a valid Server License, access to the Altium Vault will not be possible. Normalization in database If there is a valid Server License, but no valid Client Access Licenses (no available connections), a single administrative connection is permitted for backup and configuration purposes. Database 3nf In addition, both Server and Client Access Licenses are timed licenses, lasting 12 months. Database server Subscription must be renewed on an annual basis in order to provide continued access to the Altium Vault for the users in an organization, as well as to access new features and functionality developed by Altium as part of the Altium Vault. Data recovery wd passport If this annual subscription renewal lapses, a single Server and CAL license will be provided to access your data for backup and configuration purposes. Relational database management system Backup/Restore of Vault Data

Backup and restoration of your vault data is performed from the command line, in automated fashion, using the dedicated Backup & Restore Tool. Database generator This tool – avbackup.exe – can be found in the folder \Program Files (x86)\Altium\Altium Vault\Tools\BackupTool\ (for a default installation of the Altium Vault).

When installing the new version of Altium Vault, at the Select Destination Location page a dialog may appear alerting that this folder already exists. Database 3nf example The uninstall removes the vault software, but does not remove any locally-sourced license file, which is why the folder remains. Data recovery hard drive software Simply click Yes to install to that same folder. Iphone 4 data recovery Re-Indexing Vault Content after Data Migration

• Delete the content of the SearchData folder, which contains the search indexing data ( \ ProgramData\Altium\VaultServerData\SearchData for a default install).

A Design Repository that is created through the local Version Control Service has its internal data stored in a corresponding sub-folder in the \ProgramData\Altium\VaultServerData\Repository folder (for a default installation of the Altium Vault).