Allen lazard holds the pancreatic cancer action network close to his heart during nfl goal sports database yml mysql

Iowa state senior allen lazard celebrates after a touchdown catch in the second half against memphis. Lazard was named the MVP of the autozone liberty bowl. Chris jorgensen/iowa state daily

“when I first became aware of the idea, I jumped on it right away,” lazard said. “I knew exactly what I wanted to do just because of my grandpa. He’s had a huge influence on my life. He was always there and supported me with everything I’ve done. So just being able to give back and just honor him in that name is something that I jumped on right away.”

The pledge it campaign allows the athlete to pick a particular event in the combine to raise the money for it and lazard decided to pick the vertical jump.Allen lazard celebrates he said the vertical jump was one of his best attributes in the combine and knew he could get a high score that would lead to more donations for pancan.

Lazard said he received a lot of support from cyclone nation and the ames community with donations during the campaign. He couldn’t believe the support and even though he’s an alumnus, he knows these fans have and will continue to stick with him through the ups and downs of his career.

During the combine, he jumped 38 inches, which led to $5,500 donated toward pancan. Lazard said it was one of the highest donations throughout the NFL combine given to an organization and it’s all thanks to the fans and friends who supported to find a cure for pancreatic cancer.Allen lazard lazard knows the cure is coming soon.

Iowa state wide receiver allen lazard celebrates a catch during the first half of the autozone liberty bowl against the memphis tigers on dec. 30, 2017. Emily blobaum/iowa state daily

“with the technology in today’s world, I wouldn’t be surprised to see the cure for cancer sooner than later,” lazard said. “I hope this donation can help the organization take one step closer to their goal.”

He remembers helping out each summer with the farm with picking the ears of corn or riding in the combine. It was a simpler time back then, but it was also a time where lazard grew up and became the man he is today.

He dedicates his work ethic and the drive to become the best person and player he can be to his grandfather and the characteristics he taught lazard on the farm each summer.Allen lazard

“even though at the time it didn’t seem like a lot of fun with manual labor, but I definitely enjoy looking back at it,” lazard said jokingly. “I really value those times with him.”

The pancreatic cancer action network is a non-profit organization that is dedicated to fighting pancreatic cancer throughout the country and world. Pancreatic cancer is one of the hardest cancers to diagnose, which results in one of the hardest cancers to survive.

The symptoms are vague like abdominal pain, loss of appetite, weight loss and many other signs. It could seem like a sickness rather than cancer, so the main thing is to get it checked out right away. Symptoms of pancreatic cancer

allen lazard celebrates

The survival rate for pancreatic cancer remains at 9 percent, according to a january 2018 database by the american cancer society. The goal is to double that survival rate by 2020 and with donations like lazard’s, this goal is achievable.

“with the NFL draft, obviously I want to do good [for a higher placement in the draft],” lazard said. “but having this motivation to make sure that I’m doing something bigger than myself because ultimately that’s what I do this for, to help out other people and to just give back to the community.”

Lazard thought he did well at the NFL combine and impressed the NFL scouts with his size and ability out on the field.Allen lazard he said it was helpful going to the senior bowl at the end of january to see the level of talent lazard was competing with in the NFL draft.

The NFL draft will be going on april 26-28 and lazard is excited to see where he ends up. He said he’ll be ready for that phone call and will be ready to work this upcoming spring and summer to give his future team a player they can depend on for years to come.

As of now, projections show lazard being selected in the fourth or fifth rounds of the NFL draft. Many analysts like his size and physicality as a receiver but are worried about his speed and whether he would fit at the wide receiver or the tight end position.Allen lazard celebrates

Even though this pledge it campaign is over, lazard is going to keep pancan close to his heart to support it through his NFL career and future years to come.

The first is the 2018 purplelight, which is on sunday, april 22 from 8-9:30 p.M. At the sylvan amphitheater. There’s no charge for registering and it’s open to the public. This event is an opportunity to honor and remember the survivors and those lost to pancreatic cancer.

The second event is the purplestride, which is a walk to end pancreatic cancer. Last year, more than 1,000 people joined and the organization was able to raise about $125,000. This year, the event will be on september 22, 2018, starting at 9:30 a.M.Allen lazard celebrates and the 5k walk happening at 10 a.M.

The goal is raise more than $130,000 this year and the event will take place at raccoon river park in west des moines. More information on the events can be found at www.Pancan.Org.