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Wie kann ich aus einer vektorbasierten Datei (Ai CC) einen Ausschnitt (auch Ai-Format) herstellen, in dem die Ebenenstruktur des Ursprungdokumentes erhalten bleibt? Es handelt sich um eine Karte mit vielen Pfaden und Flächen.

Das Werkzeug „Radiergummi“ ist nicht geeignet, da es an den Schnittkanten die Pfade neu berechnet. Data recovery raw Besonders Kurven werden so verändert und verfälscht.

-Wenn ich über „Objekt“ die Schnittmaske erstelle, ist in der „Beschnittgruppe“ die alte Ebenenstruktur aufgelöst.

Database library Ich brauch aber die alte Ebenenstruktur.

-Wenn ich die Schnittmaske über das Ebenenbedienfeld erzeuge, bleibt die alte Ebenenstruktur erhalten, aber der ausgeblendete Rest der Karte ist immer noch vorhanden.

Ich benötige aber nur den Bereich in der Schnittmaske mit der Ebenenstruktur der Ursprungskarte. Data recovery ssd Die umliegenden Pfade und Flächen möchte ich gelöscht haben.

My coworkers and myself have recently updated to Illustrator CS6, but one glaring issue we are currently dealing with is the loss of this feature. Data recovery on iphone Manually invoking the ‘merge swatches’ command from the swatch panel options does still work, but when trying to assign this function into an action, the action simply does not work. A data recovery tool This was possible in CS4 (not sure about CS5), so I am left to conclude that this may be a bug in the software?

I have also tried to utilize the javascript and applescript API, but short of re-writing the entire function from scratch, this functionality does not seem to be implemented natively through either.. Data recovery expert One thought I did have was to replace one swatch’s color information with another selected swatch’s information, but this seemed only to update the swatch it’self and not the artboard as well.

Let’s say I have the silouette of a human being. Data recovery jobs I need to duplicate that silouette, scale it and keep it inside the original forming a “crown” of sorts.

I choose a human silhouette because with other objects, such as a circle or a equilateral rectangle this is very easy to do. Database concepts 6th edition For instance in a circle I am just able to scale the original and the result will be 2 circles one inside the other where the perimeters will be equidistant all around.

But for instance doing the same thing on a rectangle (non equilateral) is already trickier. Database kernel The 2 sides will shrink out of proportion and one dimension will be further than the other from the original.

Now take a human silhouette and you’ll see that to accomplish a cutout of the silhouette where the lines are equidistant everywere would distort the smaller shape quite dramatically,. Raid 5 data recovery software The neck area as an example would have to be actually taller than the original so tat the head and the shoulder can shrink while the neck actually lengthens. Data recovery pro On top[ of everything in the art I am working with I need to make this distance between perimeters 3/8 of an inch.

One way I thought I could accomplish this I thought could be to assign to the original object a brush stroke of 3/8″ stroked inside, then Expand the object and I should end up with what I need. Data recovery tools mac Problem is that the object I am working with prevents me from assigning the stroke outside, inside or center. Z wave database At the moment it’s set to the center but I cannot reassign that. Database orm That too is a mistery to me.