Ado. net __ how to change the database while using ado. net entity framework

I have an entity with a 4 fields representing the primary key. 990 database I copy it via serialization (works fine). Data recovery hard drive cost I set the old entity to not valid (Datefield set to a date in the past, this field is part of the PK) and set the copied entity to DateTime.Now.Date. Data recovery knoxville When I call context.AddObject I get the Exception above. 7 data recovery keygen I tried copying the entity via reflection but the entity has 3-4 references. H2 database client And when copied, I get another Exception before even Adding the entity to the context. Dayz database I also tried setting newObj.EntityKey = null and reset all the fields neccessary for the PK. I phone data recovery I just want a whole copy of an entity with a different primary key (and some other fields changed too) and Create it in the database. Database 3d View 1 Replies C# – Entity Framework Change Tracking? Oct 11, 2010

Self-Tracking entities doesn’t work well for me as it is primarily designed for WCF. Yorku database And all approaches for tracking changes for POCO I have found are oriented on shared context. O o data recovery View 1 Replies C# – Entity Framework 4 TPH Inheritance – Change One Type Into Another? Nov 3, 2010

I have found some information regarding this but not enough for me to understand what the best practice for is for this scenario. Data recovery illustrator I have your typicaly TPH setup with an abstract base class “Firm”. Database management software I have several children “Small Firm”, “Big Firm” etc inheriting from Firm.

Database normalization example In reality I actually have different realistic classifications for firms but I am trying to keep it simple in this example. Database virtualization In the database as per TPH I have a single Firm table with a FirmTypeId column (int) that differentiates between all these types. Data recovery machine Everything works great except I have a requirement to allow a user to change one type of firm into another. Data recovery cell phone For example a user might have made a mistake when adding the firm, and would like to change it from Big Firm to Small Firm. Data recovery wizard free Because entity framework does not allow exposing the discriminating database column to be exposed as a property, I don’t believe there is a way to change one type into another via EF. Pokemon x database The way I see it I have two options:

Don’t use TPH. Data recovery chicago Simply have a Firm Entity and go back to using .Where(FirmTypeId == something) to differentiate between the types. R studio data recovery full version Execute SQL directly using context.ExecuteStoreCommand to update the FirmTypeId column of the database.

I’ve seen a post where people suggest that One of the tenets of OOP is that instances cannot change their type. Database wiki Although that makes perfect sense to me, I just don’t seem to be able to connect the dots. Data recovery freeware If we were to follow this rule, then the only time to use any kind of inheritance (TPH/TPT) is when one is sure that one type would never be converted into another. Database clustering So a Small Firm will never become a Big Firm. Icare data recovery I see suggestions that composition should be used instead. Data recovery jacksonville fl Even though it doesn’t make sense to me (meaning I don’t see how a Firm has a Big Firm, to me a Big Firm is a Firm), I can see how composition can be modeled in EF if the data is in multiple tables. 510 k database search However in a situation where I have a single table in the database it seems it’s TPH or what I’ve described in #1 and #2 above. Database engineer View 2 Replies ADO.NET :: Entity Framework Dynamic Model (change At Runtime) Mar 18, 2011

I am making a web project now. Data recovery california And i meet some problems working with Entity Framework. Moto x data recovery My program needs to have dynamic model. Database administrator I try to explain. Database acid So i have classes and database is created from them. Database 10g At the beginning of work program checks in folder Modules for assemblies and looks for classses that needs to be created as tables in database(this classes have to become a part of ef model). Database news And i need at runtime create database.If some new classes was added so add this tables to database, but not recreate it(as it is made by default). Database key value If i delete classes the tables are not deleted. Data recovery pro review View 2 Replies Exporting Entity Framework 4 Data Model To Entity Framework 3.5? Oct 25, 2010

Our project is the 1st to go to .Net 4.0 using Entity Framework and we (the team) were wondering if there was a way for the other projects that “might” need to access our data that are still using the .Net 3.5 framework. Data recovery windows 8 View 1 Replies ADO.NET :: How To Update Database Using Entity Framework Jan 25, 2011

similary i want to update table in same manner by passing class object. Data recovery devices View 1 Replies ADO.NET :: Get The Value From Database Row Wise Using Entity Framework? Nov 25, 2010

db.Tests.Name.ElementAt(1);?actuually this throws an error… Moto g data recovery software View 5 Replies ADO.NET :: Entity Framework With Multiple Database Servers Feb 7, 2011

We have an IVR product that reads a configuration database for callflow information. Data recovery windows 10 I am writing a tool for our implementation team that will allow them to add/delete/update the data in the configuration database. Database youtube Once the tool is in production, the implementer will use only the production release of the tool to modify the configuration database in all four of the IVR regions (Dev, QA, Cert, and Prod). H2 database console Each region has its own database with identical schemas. Database browser The tool has ‘tabs’ across the top for each region. Database help If a user is currently working in the Dev region and clicks the QA tab, how do I switch my connection from the Dev db server to the QA db server? View 3 Replies SaveChanges() Does Not Commit Changes To The Database And Entity Framework Nov 7, 2010

All I am trying to do is to make an update to an existing User and then save the changes to the database. Database vendors I fooled around with different options and can see that I can make the change to the context during Page_Load, but it does not commit the changes to the Database. Database key View 5 Replies MVC :: Display Image From Database Using Entity Framework? Oct 1, 2010

I need to do a site similar to [URL] but don’t know how to display or retrieve the images as in the above website. Data recovery live cd View 3 Replies How To Do Caching Using Entity Framework And Can Minimize Database Hits Dec 15, 2010

I am using ADO.NET Entity Framework 3.5 for web service.i want to know how can i caching through it and can minimize database hits? View 1 Replies DataSource Controls :: Use Database Instead Of MDF File With Entity Framework? Jan 11, 2010

metadata=res://*/Models.EntityModel.csdl|res://*/Models.EntityModel.ssdl|res://*/Models.EntityModel.msl;provider=System.Data.SqlClient;provider connection string=”Data Source=.SQLEXPRESS;AttachDbFilename=|DataDirectory|TripsDB.mdf;Integrated Security=True;User

private TripsDBEntities2 _entity = new TripsDBEntities2();where TripsDBEntities2 is Entity Framework instance. Data recovery clean room View 2 Replies Can Build ADO.NET Entity Framework Based On MYSQL Database May 19, 2010

can we build ADO.NET entity framework based on MYSQL database? View 2 Replies Entity Framework – Connecting To Database In Server Control? Aug 3, 2010

As a follow on from this question I’m building a custom server control to be placed on a Sharepoint 2010 master page. Database view The idea behind this is that it will display a menu that is dynamically populated from the database. Data recovery fort lauderdale As this is a server control, I’m building it in a dll but I’ve run into a small snag. Data recovery equipment tools As it has to connect to the database, I need to store the connection string somewhere (and have it able to be configured based on target configuration (dev/test/prod). Data recovery lab I was intending to the user the Entity Framework as my ORM but i’m confused as to where the connection string is to be stored. Data recovery online In a normal ASP.NET web app it goes in the web.config, but this is a server control in a external DLL.

Before I post a bounty, I have tried using an embedded resource XML file to hold the connection string and while this works, I’m curious as to if this is best practice/a better way? View 2 Replies C# – Using Entity Framework With Existing Business Layer And Database? Feb 2, 2011

I have an ASP.NET application with existing business classes and a database schema. Database union (which I would like to keep) Currently I am using ADO.NET for the DAL, but I would like to switch to some advanced technology there for easier data retrieval.

Is EF applicable to my situation? Can I use it without splitting up my business classes and auto code generation? Can LINQ to SQL solve my problem better?

All I want to do is map my existing classes to the existing tables and dont have to handle details of the data retrieval myself. Data recovery houston View 1 Replies C# – Entity Framework Connection String From The Online Database? Mar 3, 2011

I’m working on an application that is connected to the online MSSQL database and everything is working fine.The model I’m using is entity model.The problem is that I have to change the connection string from the online database to the local one,but I don’t know how.Creating new model isn’t an option.I tried changing the connection string in web.config,but errors are the only thing I get.

PrakModel.csdl|res://*/PrakModel.ssdl|res://*/PrakModel.msl;provider=System.Data.SqlClient;provider connection string=’Data Source=HRVOJE-PC;Initial Catalog=pak_baza;Integrated Security=True” providerName=”System.Data.EntityClient” /> View 3 Replies Error While Updating Database Record With Entity Framework On MVC Page? Mar 12, 2010

I am working with VS 2010, Entity framework, SQl-Server 2005, ASP.Net web forms. 7m database soccer basketball Currently, I am working on the Data access layer library which soon will be a web service, using Entity Framework collaboration with different design patterns like repository pattern and some best practices that posts in different blogs. Create database link I am also test each repository using the Unit testing project. Database form Thumbs up! Working fine.

The thing I am worried about is, how much is good for retrieving data from a table that can contain 80-100k records ? View 1 Replies Database Design For Limited Number Of Choices In MVC And Entity Framework? Mar 1, 2011

If I want to be able to have a table Consultant, which is the user and their personal information, and I want this user to be able to select their proficiency in a number of Programs (software) on a scale from 0-5 (zero being no experience whatsoever), how do I do this best?

I mean I could have a Consultant table with a one-to-many relationship to a Program table, and then have all the limited Programs availalbe loaded by an XML file or something, and for each Consultant associate all the Programs and their Levels of proficiency. Data recovery process But that seems very wrong and inefficient.

It seems to me I should have a table with all the (limited number of) Programs, and then by some sort of association between the two by Ids. Database training But I can’t get my head around how to do this. Data recovery hardware I’m thinking many-to-many… Best database software But first, is this correct? Secondly, how do I do this in an Entity Framework Model? I usually create my database code first, i.e. Database gui create the EF model, and then generate database from model. Data recovery technician Will I get a junction table where I can add the Level field, because basically a Consultant HAS A Program with a Level, or actually a list of Programs each with a Level. Database engine tuning advisor View 1 Replies ADO.NET :: Custom Entity Framework Template And Access To The Database Type? Sep 7, 2010

First and foremost … Data recovery rates I already made a few changes in the template, the most important one changing the methods generated for stored procedures with OUTPUT parameters and no resultset so that instead of instantiating a few OutputParameter objects, passing them to the method and extracting the values (all without any type checking) you just call the method with a few “out someType?” parameters so I do not need the very basics. Database developer salary I am totally confused by all those GlobalItem, EdmProperty,BuiltInTypeKind, TypeUsage and all this made of objects, all alike and all different though so as soon as I need more data than what’s already used by the template I run into problems :-(What I would like is to change the WritePrimitiveTypeProperty() so that it outputs [StringLength(xxx)] for all char, varchar, nchar and nvarchar properties. Database backup and recovery But I can’t find a way to get from an EdmProperty in the model to the database type in the store.anyone is interested here’s the modified stored procedure mapping code for the template. Yale b database The first code replaces the original in the .tt:

I want to know if I develop and application using entity framework 4.0 and sql server and then changing the connection string to my sql one, will it work without any problem?

What are the other considerations to keep in mind? View 3 Replies Entity Framework 4 – Update Database Schema From Model. Sybase database Without Wiping The Table Data? Jun 29, 2010

Will the Model First approach work in my case? I noticed when you “Generate Database from Model” it recreates the entire schema from scratch which will obviously wipe all the data that is in the db. Database design I was hoping for a more “Update Database from Model” approach where the db would just be altered to reflect the changes rather than recreated View 1 Replies ADO.NET :: Entity Framework With Stored Procedure Versus Entity Framework Without Stored Procedures Nov 2, 2010

I am new to entity framework , it is really very good , but I want to know what is the difference between using entity framework with stored procedure or without stored procedure , which one the faster and what is the benefits for using stored procedures with entity framework. Database 3 normal forms View 1 Replies C# – After Calling A Stored Procedure By Entity Framework, Tables Update In Database, But Entities Remain Same Mar 15, 2011