Additional 2.4 million people affected by 2017 data breach, equifax says – the washington post list of data recovery software

Equifax said thursday that 2.4 million more consumers than previously reported were affected by the massive data breach the company suffered last year, adding to an already stunning toll.

The compromised information involves partial driver’s license data. It does not include social security numbers, which was the focus of earlier analyses of the breach and the reason this group of consumers was not identified sooner, according to the credit-reporting company.

“this is not about newly discovered stolen data,” said paulino do rego barros jr., equifax’s interim chief executive. “it’s about sifting through the previously identified stolen data, analyzing other information in our databases that was not taken by the attackers, and making connections that enabled us to identify additional individuals.”

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This is not the first time equifax has expanded its estimate of the breach’s impact, which initially was put at 143 million consumers. In october, the company raised its estimate to 145.5 million. Company officials were summoned to capitol hill to answer for equifax’s missteps.

Facebook chief executive mark zuckerberg sold nearly $500 million in the company’s shares in february to fund his philanthropic investment vehicle, the chan zuckerberg initiative, regulatory filings showed.

The move is not a surprise, being part of zuckerberg’s plan to expedite stock sales to fund the initiative he set up in december 2015 with his wife, priscilla chan.

Two security filings on thursday showed that zuckerberg sold 685,000 shares worth $125.4 million in the last three days of february, taking his total sales in the month to about 2.7 million shares, worth $482.2 million.United states

“these sales are the next step in a process mark laid out in september to fund the chan zuckerberg initiative’s work in science, education and issues related to justice and opportunity,” a CZI spokesman said.

Zuckerberg said in september that he would sell 35 million to 75 million shares of facebook over the next 18 months. That would amount to up to $13 billion, based on facebook’s current share price.

The silicon valley billionaire has said that he will donate 99 percent of his facebook shares to CZI — worth about $45 billion when the initiative was formed.

U.S. Filings for unemployment benefits fell last week to the lowest level in almost five decades, indicating that the job market remains tight, labor department figures showed.Data breach jobless claims decreased by 10,000 to 210,000, the lowest since december 1969 and well below the 300,000 typically seen as consistent with a healthy labor market. Overall, the employment picture remains solid, with payrolls continuing to increase and the unemployment rate at the lowest since late 2000.

ExxonMobil will end a joint venture with russia’s state-controlled rosneft because of U.S. And european sanctions against moscow. Exxon revealed in a regulatory filing that it decided to end the partnership last year after the united states expanded sanctions against russia. The deal was signed in 2011, but it came under strain after the united states penalized russia in 2014 over the invasion of ukraine and annexation of crimea.Data breach exxon applied for a waiver from the sanctions, but it has not been granted. The united states expanded the sanctions last year over russian interference in the 2016 U.S. Election.

U.S. Manufacturers said they expanded in february at the fastest pace in nearly 14 years. The institute for supply management, a trade group of purchasing managers, reported that its manufacturing index climbed to 60.8 in february from 59.1 in january. This was the strongest reading since may 2004. Any score above 50 signals growth. The gains largely came from a surge in the employment and inventory components of the index. Among 18 manufacturing industries, 15 reported growth last month.Last year