Adaa, the saudi national center for performance measurement, introduces tool to improve data-led policy-making to dc audiences markets insider database website template

WASHINGTON, march 21, 2018 /prnewswire-usnewswire/ — the kingdom of saudi arabia’s national center for performance management (adaa) will introduce its international performance hub (IPH) platform to policy, academia, international development and private sector groups in washington, D.C. March 21-23. The IPH tool is instrumental in measuring saudi arabia’s progress towards fulfilling vision 2030, an ambitious set of socio-economic reforms spearheaded by crown prince mohammed bin salman.

"Access to data leads to increased transparency and accountability for the stewardship of resources by governments, as they progress in their development goals," said husameddin almadani, saudi director general of the national centre for performance measurement (adaa). "This is key for saudi arabia as it pursues the implementation of the 2030 vision."Â

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IPH’s primary goal is to objectively track and measure the kingdom’s progress across various socio-economic indicators to enable data-driven decision-making across government. For example, the kingdom experienced an 11% growth in business licenses for women in the last quarter due to deregulation and policy enhancement efforts, according to IPH. But it can also track other countries’ performance, for example on ease of doing business where china ranks 78 out of 190 courtiers surveyed.

The world bank said "adaa has been able to build a strong in-house team with extensive expertise on performance measurement. In some areas, such a quality assurance or data presentation and visualization, its expertise is astonishing." adaa’s methodology was endorsed by robert kaplan from harvard business school.Vision 2030

IPH is the first database that aggregates data from some of the most prominent international bodies, including the world bank and the organization for economic co-operation and development (OECD). Fully accessible to all, IPH is an interactive platform designed to track over 700 key performance indicators under 12 main pillars that enables comparison for over 200 countries. Currently in its beta version, adaa is taking soundings on how the tool can be made most effective in tackling some of the world’s most pressing development problems.

Adaa is committed to sharing its world-class performance platform with the global development community, and as part of this mr.Saudi arabia almadani will host a series of exploratory conversations with key organizations in washington over the course of the next week.

The national center for performance measurement, adaa, is a leading independent government body established in october 2015 to measure the performance of saudi public entities towards achieving vision 2030 objectives for greater transparency and accountability. Adaa also tracks progress towards the socio-economic development goals set for vision 2030, using its data benchmarking tool, the international performance hub (IPH). Adaa implements its mandate by building and socializing performance measurement tools, processes and training to helpâ public entitiesâ achieveâ higher levels of efficiency, fostering a culture of performance excellence in government.Vision 2030

Additional information on adaa may be found at adaa.Gov.Sa, whilst to access the beta release of the international performance hub please go to beta.Iph.Sa.

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