About running batch assignment

Use batch assignment to assign multiple records of an object in a single batch. Data recovery on iphone Typically, you want to run batch jobs periodically when you anticipate the least amount of database activity (such as daily or weekly after-hours).

Batch assignment runs only in rule group mode.

A data recovery tool At the time of the assignment request, you specify one of the rule groups as the Assignment Key parameter for the AsgnBatch server component job along with the request. Data recovery expert You identify the records for batch assignment using an SQL WHERE clause. Data recovery jobs This WHERE clause is usually based on columns in the base table of the assignment object. Database concepts 6th edition For example, an example of a WHERE clause is:

You can have a batch assignment task load only a particular group of rules into memory by specifying the row ID of the rule group in the Assignment Key parameter when you start the task. Database kernel If no rule group is specified for this parameter, then the batch task loads all rules in the Default Rule Group into memory. Raid 5 data recovery software If no rule groups have been defined in the application, then all active rules in the database load.

When batch mode is run on correct assignments, even if there are no changes to the team or primary, an update of the record occurs. Data recovery pro This situation can disturb other workflow policies relying on various record fields. Data recovery tools mac For example, a workflow policy relying on the PR_POSTN_ID column to trigger an action does not work properly if this field is updated from a new batch assignment. Z wave database If your deployment uses Microsoft SQL Server, then this note does not apply.

You can configure the Batch Assignment server component for your implementation by adjusting the appropriate parameters. Database orm Table 9-1 lists the parameters used by the Batch Assignment component that you can set.

(Optional) If you want to run a specific rule group for this batch, then type the row ID of the assignment rule group for which you want rules processed for the AsgnKey parameter.

In the Job Parameters list, click New to create a new record, and enter relevant information for the assignment object that you want to assign as part of this batch request.

If users experience slow response time while running Assignment Manager in batch mode, then review the settings on virus software installed on the applicable server. Database workbench Implement one or more of the following settings to improve batch assignment performance:

Increasing the parameter value increases the number of records that are processed within a transaction before a commit occurs, resulting in less resources used and faster assignment.

For example, if you want to run Account Assignment based on account name, then you can create multiple batches so that the first batch starts with names starting with the letter C through K, and the second batch starts with the names starting with the letter L. Database best practices Optionally, additional batches might be created starting with later letters.

Although this WHERE clause causes the database to retrieve account records with names starting with the letter C through K, the clause specifies that if accounts starting with the letter M through Z are encountered, they are passed on the first round because the values are greater than B. Database schema However, in the second round, these records are then eliminated by the database as unneeded, because there is a cap of account names less than L.

By switching the order of the conditions, the extra parsing required by the database in the second round is eliminated because most of the names start with a letter greater than B.