Abap unit tests without database dependency – d.. _ unit testing

Hi In this blog I would like to present you t echnique which is us ed for business logic testing without dat abase dependency. Iphone 6 data recovery It is implemented with object oriented design. Database google drive Many developers complain that they cannot write too much unit tests because their reports use database and tables content may easily change. Data recovery geek squad Removing database fro m testing is the key factor to have successful unit tests.

Database recovery pending Just to remind, a good unit tests: Always give sam e resul t. Data recovery prices The order of te sts is not important – each can be run independently and must work. Database sharding Let’s imagine th at there i s test that uses data base: Cre ates new row. Database keys with example Ru n s busi ness logic which reads that r ow. Data recovery xfs Checks result . Database management systems 3rd edition Deletes the row at the end. Database engineer salary And t his tes t can work f ine. Jstor database But it may not always give sam e r esult. E m database In case if so meone els e will m anually cr eate row, or change/delete it during test runtime, we can have error tha t will interrupt our t est or in valid resul ts finall y. Data recovery richmond va Th at is why good unit tests: Do not use database. Data recovery software Do not rely on network calls or files. Data recovery advisor I think that it is really bad thing to have “randomized” test failures. Database host name It means that logic of program and test is correct, but accidentally test is failing because of environment set up or other fact ors. Database performance We need to elimi nate this, because unit test failure must notify about defect in business logic and not in testing env ironment. Data recovery broken hard drive Technique that I present is called dependency inject ion. Database xe In general we need to replace database queries with something that pret ends (mocks) database. Database yml mysql We inject new object with its new behav ior to the test framework, so finally we are not using database queries – that is why it is called dependency inject ion. 5 database is locked There are many ways of doing it, like using interfaces or inheritance. Database fundamentals I want to recommend one approach that uses inheritance , because: It is simple. Database concepts It does not require separate interface creation. Database icon We only extend test code to pretend database, not influence the production code. Database versioning We need to make dis tinct ion between: Product ion code – bus iness logic execut ed by real program in production system. Database 2013 It is usuall y global class, report or include. Database cursor Testing code – used only for testing, never run in production. Database list Test code cannot be put in the production code ev en if it is unused, so product ion global clas s s hould not have methods like s et_customer_f or_test_only ( ). Database queries must be There is a design template that we can us e for testing database dependent logic with dependency injection. Database journal I f you follow this approach, it is easy to ext end production code, database queries and testing in the futur e.

In the class_s etup method of Unit Test class which is run once before each tests are execut ed, insert mock DAO into real DAO: And t hat is it. Data recovery boston Now mock dao wi ll be use d and predefined res ult set is returned du ring all tes ts from our own impl emen tation in LCL _EMPLOY EE_DAO_M OCK. Database connection Initially I used to als o set original instance of DAO in the tea r_down method, which is run after all tests are finished. S memo data recovery Howev er this is not needed. Database structure ABA P speci fication is that sin gleton ins tance defined as i n point 1, works only within one se ss ion. Data recovery iso It mea ns that mock DAO instance will be injected to ZCL_EMPLOYEE_DAO only during Unit Tests execution. Iphone 6 data recovery software Even if Unit Tests are lasting longer, and in the sam e time I will run production code in parallel from new ses sion (like new transact ion or program run F8), bec ause this i s s eparate session, real DAO will be used there. Cpu z database Below is the s ummary of all described steps, showing end to end example of produc tion code and test code. Data recovery kickass 1. A database can best be described as Ty pes definition used in classes . Os x database Let’ s define type that will be used in below example. Database field Stru cture represents basi c data of employee. Data recovery diy Hashed table of employees with unique ID key. Database transaction 2. Data recovery mac hard drive DAO class for employee – definition. H2 database tutorial Get _instance( ) and set_instance( ) create according to des cribed template. Database interview questions 3 methods for database queries.