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“Newman center” helps to find a new career that will provide a decent income in the coming decades. One that doesn’t require much physical effort and is suitable for people of any age. This, which in a short time easily at any age might master a person of any profession or even not having special education and a technologist and a humanist. This, to her it was just fun to do…

Judge for yourself. In recent years these devices have become part of our life in the world today difficult to find man, which would not be “mobile”. And difficult, almost impossible to imagine a situation in which they in 10, 20 or even 30 years will disappear somewhere. Rather, as is happening now, every year will appear all the more sophisticated models.

But the well-known rule of thumb: the more complex the technology, the easier it breaks down.

This is especially true in relation to mobile phones, which have a tendency for Murphy’s law to fall out of pockets in the most unexpected places, to break, to get someone under your feet, just start to “act up” for no apparent reason, etc. So, along with a number of shops on their sale and increasing the number of laboratories for their repair. So, who knows how to repair them, are required in significant quantities, and everywhere: from the service centers of large companies to small retail outlets. And the need every year will only grow.

Work on repair of mobile phones does not require physical exertion and do everyone – most of the time a technician sits at a Desk, in a relaxed and comfortable working environment. Therefore, the age of the worker in this case does not matter – it can equally well be practiced in a 20 and 70 years.

In addition, it paid better than many other works which we are sometimes forced to deal with life in Israel. And most importantly, it became clear that this profession can be mastered by anyone with secondary education, regardless of their natural inclinations. For the reason that when you begin to understand, you realize that really all this complicated technique is quite simple, and its creators have provided almost all of the options it crashes and the task is usually to identify the fault and replace the part.

Proceeding from all this, we are in the “Newman center” and created a course repair mobile phones on the Russian language, headed by some of the best experts in this field, having in addition to the considerable teaching experience. And also equipped with a training laboratory with all necessary equipment that is used today for cell phone repair in the major service centres and small shops and workshops.

As a result, graduates of our courses are able to repair “cell phones” of all existing systems and what would work in this area they settled, they never need to graduate – he just sit down and start to work. That, as you know, is especially valued by employers. Among the graduates of our course – people aged 25 to 65 years, many of them life was very far from technology and believed that this work is “not for them”. After the third or fourth session, they started to successfully cope with the repair the most common breakdowns, and by the end of the course easily fixed faults of mobile phones of any system from the old push-button devices of a decade ago to the “fancy” iPhones and galaxy.

As for job search, assistance in this, as in other of our courses, having our employment division. In addition, the need for techniques and in fact is extremely high. Moreover, many employers are interested in professionals who speak the Russian language, as it is in this area particularly evident shortage of professionals who are able to communicate with Russian-speaking clients.

At the same time it became clear that many of our graduates are interested in the future to open your own business. For them we have a special support system such start-up businesses, which includes assistance in the acquisition of tools and equipment, and consultations on various issues related to the conduct of business.

Of course, life is not static, and from time to time in the field of cell phones there is something new. To our graduates kept pace with the times, we from time to time we conduct workshops to familiarize themselves with these innovations. However, as it turns out, most of them are aware of what is happening and often have themselves can share the experience.

If you are looking for their place in Israel was at a crossroads and don’t know how to live – believe me: it’s a real path and a real solution. You can come to us today, but can tomorrow or the day after – the profession of a technique for repair of cellular phones will become obsolete and will not become less popular. Here only is it not a pity to lose time?