A generic database web service. (pdf download available)

Web applications built using Java technologies usually access relational databases via JDBC API. Database weekly This requires a database system specific JDBC driver to be installed on the application side. Data recovery utah On the other hand, a paradigm shift is taking place in web application architectures. Data recovery deleted files Future web applications will be built around Service-Oriented Architectures (SOA) where applications will be assembled using remote “web services” components. Database health check These newly assembled applications will provide functionalities using remote web services components over Internet via XML messages.

R studio data recovery software Same paradigm shift will eventually apply to the data communication between applications and databases. Data recovery iphone Future applications will utilize standard “database web services” for data storage and querying requirements. Ease use data recovery Here we propose a new architectural model and present a prototype “database web service” for relational database systems. Free database software In our model, web applications do not need to deal with database drivers but leave the driver-oriented communication to a database web service. Raid 0 data recovery software Our database web service eliminates the need for installation, maintenance, and other issues involved in maintaining JDBC drivers in distributed web application development.

[Show abstract] [Hide abstract] ABSTRACT: With advancement in the development of the new laboratory instruments and experimental techniques, the protein data has an explosive increasing rate. Mail database Therefore how to efficiently store, retrieve and modify protein data is becoming a challenging issue that most biological scientists have to face and solve. Hdata recovery master Traditional data models such as relational database lack of support for complex data types, which is a big issue for protein data application. In database Hence many scientists switch to the object-oriented databases since object-oriented nature of life science data perfectly matches the architecture of object- oriented databases, but there are still a lot of problems that need to be solved in order to apply OODB methodologies to manage protein data. Drupal 7 database query One major problem is that the general-purpose OODBs do not have any built-in data types for biological research and built-in biological domain-specific functional operations. Data recovery usa In this dissertation, we present an application system with built-in data types and built-in biological domain-specific functional operations that extends the Object-Oriented Database (OODB) system by adding domain-specific additional layers Protein-QL, Protein Algebra Architecture and Protein-OODB above OODB to manage protein structure data. Data recovery business This system is composed of three parts: 1) Client API to provide easy usage for different users. Database visualization 2) Middleware including Protein-QL, Protein Algebra Architecture and Protein-OODB is designed to implement protein domain specific query language and