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a. Iphone 5 data recovery software free Design c. Database partitioning Database Tools b. Database gif Home d. Database project ideas Create 3. Iphone 5 data recovery without backup To view the results of a query, open it by right-clicking the query in the Navigation Pane and clicking ____ on the shortcut menu. Bplan data recovery a. Data recovery boston ma Datasheet View c. Ipad 2 data recovery Run b. Data recovery company Design View d. Data recovery network drive Open 4. Data recovery yelp To change the design of a query, right-click the query and then click ____ on the shortcut menu. Database join table a. Google database Datasheet View c. Database quizlet Open b. Database synonym Design View d. Database management jobs Change 5. Iphone 6 data recovery free To print a query without first opening it, select the query in the Navigation Pane and then click the Office Button, point to Print on the Office Button menu, and then click ____ on the Print submenu a. Data recovery ubuntu Quick Print c. Database diagram tool Preview Query b. Database field types Print Query d. Data recovery best buy Run and Print 6. Raid 5 data recovery You can click either the View button or the ____ button on the Ribbon to execute a query. Database administrator salary nyc a. Database p Run c. Cloud 9 database Select b. Data recovery on ssd Execute d. Database query tools Results 7. Database 2000 To create a new query in Design view, click Create on the Ribbon to display the Create tab and then click the ____ button to create a new query.

Database business rules a. Iphone 5 data recovery Query c. Database implementation Query Design b. Raid 1 data recovery software Design View d. Seagate data recovery Select Query Figure 2-1 8. Database report In the accompanying figure, the lower pane in the window where you enter criteria is called the ____. Data recovery specialist a. Data recovery iphone 6 criteria grid c. Database building query grid

b. Data recovery top 10 show grid d. Database hosting design grid 9. Data recovery best In the accompanying figure, you can delete the table by right-clicking the field list and clicking ____ on the shortcut menu. Data recovery program a. 7 data recovery 94fbr Delete Table c. Database languages Remove Table b. Database ranking Hide Table d. Data recovery youtube Erase Table 10. 911 database In the accompanying figure, the Client table was added to the query by selecting the table and clicking the Add button in the ____ dialog box. Data recovery download a. Data recovery after factory reset Add Table c. Database schema design Select Table b. Database uml Field List d. Data recovery ntfs Show Table 11.In the accompanying figure, you can enter FD89 in the ____ row of the Client Number field to find all clients whose client number is FD89. Database error a. Database functions Sort c. Top 10 data recovery Criteria b. Database job titles Show d. Data recovery linux live cd or 12. S pombe database In the accompanying figure, you can remove a column by clicking just above the field name to select the column and then clicking the ____ key(s). Database usa a. Data recovery pro license key CTRL + DELETE c. Data recovery on android DELETE b. Icare data recovery 94fbr CTRL + Y d. Image database CTRL+ALT 13. Database web application In the accompanying figure, you can find all clients whose names begin with Be, by entering _____ in the Criteria row of the Client Name field. Database graphic a. In databases a category of data is called a Be? c. Database wordpress Be& b. Note 2 data recovery Be. . Tally erp 9 data recovery d. Database erd Be* 14. Database google docs To find all individuals whose name is Tom or Tim, enter ____ in the Criteria row of the appropriate column. Database 5500 a. Data recovery kit T?m c. Database meaning T$m b. Gale database T#m d. Data recovery pc T&m 15. Data recovery easeus To create a parameter query, enter a parameter rather than a specific value as a criterion in the design grid. Top 10 data recovery software The parameter must be enclosed in _____. Database oracle a. Data recovery services reviews curly braces { } c. Database 12c new features parentheses ( ) b. Database lyrics square brackets [ ] d. Database 360 single quotes ‘’ 16. Database architect salary To save a query, click the Save button on the ____. Database administrator job description a. Data recovery app Quick Access Toolbar c. R database connection Create tab on the Ribbon b. Database weak entity Home tab on the Ribbon d. Data recovery vancouver status bar 17. Level 3 data recovery To use a saved query, right-click the query in the Navigation Pane and then click ____ on the shortcut menu. Database blob a. Database examples Use c. Database knowledge Run b. H2 database Manipulate d. Nexus 5 data recovery Open