9 best wordpress migration plugins for 2017 to move your site

Important note: If you’re looking to switch web hosts, a lot of them offer a migration service free of charge. Data recovery raid 0 Check out our recommended web hosts page for more help.

Keep reading to check out the 9 best WordPress migration plugins out there.

Data recovery tools Then, at the end of the post, I’ll break down my plugin picks for a few different scenarios.

Not only does it handle standard migrations, it can also help you clone your site to a new domain name, set up staging versions of your site, or just back up your site to protect from data loss.

You create a “Package” based on your current WordPress site. Database programming languages This package contains every element of your existing site, as well as an installer file to help you move all of that data to its new location.

If you’re just backing up your site, all you need to do is keep those files in a safe location. Super 8 database But if you want to migrate your site (which I’m guessing you do!), you just have to upload both files to your new server and follow a simple installation process.

Duplicator automatically sets everything up on your new server. 5 databases You can even change your domain name and have Duplicator update all of the URLs!

The free version of Duplicator is great for small to medium sites. H data recovery registration code But if you’ve got a massive site, you may need to purchase the Pro version because it’s set up to handle especially large sites. Database link The Pro version also adds some other handy features like automatic backups.

There’s just one caveat – you’ll need a little technical knowledge. Database google If acronyms like FTP make you tremble in fear – I’d stick with one of the more user-friendly plugins further down this list.

As a backup plugin, BackupBuddy is designed to make it easy to restore your site from a backup. Database update Luckily, those same principles apply quite well to migrations – BackupBuddy’s ImportBuddy tool lets you migrate your site to another server.

The process is fairly similar to Duplicator – you’ll download both an installer file and an archive of your current site from BackupBuddy. Data recovery news Then, you need to upload those files to your new server via FTP. Data recovery austin BackupBuddy will then guide you through setting up the migrated version of your site.

Honestly, as far as migrations go, there aren’t any major differences between Duplicator and BackupBuddy. Data recovery micro sd card The only thing to note is that with BackupBuddy you can migrate your site from a cloud backup at your iThemes account. Database relationship diagram It’s a slick feature, but not a necessity.

One area where BackupBuddy does outshine Duplicator is…actual backups. Data recovery services near me If you want something that’s great for both migrations AND backups, then BackupBuddy edges out Duplicator in my opinion.

WP Migrate DB isn’t a self-contained migration plugin like Duplicator and BackupBuddy. Database worksheet As you might be able to glean from the name, it’s focused entirely on your WordPress database.

With that being said, if you’ve ever tried to manually migrate a WordPress site, you know that the database is the most frustrating part. Database constraints Moving your other files is basically a matter of copying and pasting.

WP Migrate DB simplifies the process by finding and replacing URLs and file paths. Database vault This is essential if you’re migrating to a new URL. Qmobile data recovery software For example, if you’re migrating a production version of your site to your localhost for testing, you’ll need to update all of the URL paths to match your localhost.

If you’re hands-on (or a WordPress developer) and don’t mind copying your other files manually, WP Migrate DB is a good option. Tally erp 9 data recovery software If you’re looking for a solution that handles everything for you, turn elsewhere.

UpdraftPlus is one of the most popular backup solutions out there. 7 databases in 7 weeks While the free version of the plugin lacks a built-in migration function, UpdraftPlus has a $30 Migrator add-on that adds easy migration/cloning.

If you’re just moving hosts while keeping the same URL, you can probably get away with the free version of UpdraftPlus. 3 database models Just do a backup and restore to your new server.

All-in-One WP Migration is a free plugin with premium extensions that’s focused entirely on migrating your site to a new server or domain name.

All-in-One WP Migration employs some nifty tricks to ensure that it works on all hosting providers. Database programmer salary First, it exports/imports data in 3 second time chunks, which allows it to bypass any restrictions placed by your host. Database developer salary It does something similar with upload sizes, so even if your host restricts uploads to a certain max, All-in-One WP Migration will still be able to migrate your site.

If you need to change your domain name, All-in-One WP Migration lets you do unlimited find/replace operations on your database and will fix any potential serialization issues to ensure that everything works smoothly.

The free version of the plugin supports moving sites up to 512MB in size. Data recovery agent If your site is any larger, you’ll need to go with the unlimited version, which removes the size limit.

VaultPress comes straight from Automattic, the company behind WordPress. Data recovery usb flash drive That’s a major plus in my book because I assume they’re more familiar with WordPress than the average developer!

The only downside with VaultPress is that it’s a subscription service. Data recovery windows BUT, it is part of Jetpack. Database definition So that subscription payment will actually get you access to all of the other premium Jetpack features as well.

If you’ve been eyeing up Jetpack already, then VaultPress is a no-brainer. Data recovery definition Otherwise, you might want to go with a one-time payment or free solution.

Beyond heaps of tools to make backing up your WordPress site easy, Super Backup & Clone also includes a dedicated feature to import any of your backups to a new install.

One nifty feature is that beyond offering regular Multisite to Multisite migrations, Super Backup & Clone also lets you migrate part of a WordPress Multisite install to a single site install.

While those are definitely niche uses, if you ever find yourself needing to blend the lines between Multisite and single site installs, then Super Backup & Clone is for you.

That’s the reason WP Clone isn’t higher on this list. Database or database If you’re willing to take the small gamble, WP Clone is one of the easiest ways to migrate your site. Data recovery software windows Just be sure you have a full backup before starting anything.

Also, if your site is especially large, you should go with a different migration plugin. Cost of data recovery Smaller sites (under 250MB) are more likely to successfully migrate via WP Clone.

You can also use the plugin to backup and restore locally, as well. Database first entity framework But I think if you’re planning to use local backups, there are better free options out there.

While the Dropbox restore is great if you’re just planning to move hosting (while keeping the same domain), Backup & Restore Dropbox doesn’t appear to offer support for changing URLs.

Depending on your tech-savviness and exact needs, one of these plugins may suit you more than the others. Data recovery iphone 5 I’ll try to break down a few different scenarios and which migration plugin you should pick for each.

If you’re confident enough to upload two files via FTP, then my overall top recommendations are Duplicator or BackupBuddy for their versatility. Raid 0 data recovery Duplicator is what I personally use to migrate all of my sites. 7 data recovery serial key And BackupBuddy functions much the same, just with the addition of a better general backup system.

If you’re more concerned with migrating just your database between production and development environments, then WP Migrate DB Pro is perfect for you.

If you don’t feel confident using FTP, then VaultPress or WP Clone will let you migrate without needing an FTP program. Database modeling Just remember that VaultPress is a small monthly subscription and the caveat that 10-20% of WP Clone migrations end up failing.

If you need to migrate parts of a Multisite install to single site installs (or vice versa), then you should definitely give Super Backup & Clone a look.

And finally, it’s always worth double checking whether you actually need a migration plugin at all! Many WordPress hosts offer free migration services. A database record is an entry that contains So if all you’re doing is switching hosts, you definitely should check if they’ll handle it for free.