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Working together, let’s restore the wissahickon

This not only threatens an important source of drinking water, but it also causes damaging stream bank erosion and flash floods, harms fish and other wildlife, and endangers valuable public recreation areas. This partnership is a win-win. Local solutions will

Ukraine government puts on united front amid political crisis _ daily mail online

reversed his decision. Television footage of the meeting showed The move has highlighted deep divisions within the ruling coalition and prompted Ukraine’s western backers to warn that Kononenko denied the accusations as “completely absurd”, and supporters championed as a key

Keefe’s shot at the buzzer keeps germantown boys basketball team ahead in nsc

But for large sections of the Warhawks’ harrowing 59-58 victory over a vastly improved Nicolet squad on Jan. 29, his vision was obscured by a team that was far too impatient on offense and unwilling to go back to its

Australian dollar forecasts in the wake of disappointing business confidence numbers and commodity declines

With the commodity complex being so important for the Australian dollar, what commodities have a particularly strong bearing on the currency? Iron ore, oil? No suggest Societe Generale who have released an insightful note into the commodity currency complex. The

U. s. housing data turns positive; industrial production improves _ economy watch

After the surprising decline in manufacturing and industrial activity in December, and growing volatility in equity markets combined with rising corporate defaults, the Federal Reserve also acknowledged that its previous optimism on the economy was perhaps too early. The majority

Hospital forced back to pre-computer era shows the power of ransomware

Hollywood Presbyterian Medical Center in Los Angeles was infected by ransomware more than a week ago. The software locked up files throughout the hospital’s IT system and, according to unconfirmed reports, demanded 9,000 bitcoins, more than $3 million, for their

Epa says state, city still lag on response to flint crisis – naples herald

Other shortcomings EPA identified included failure to provide data such as lead-in-water testing results and an up-to-date inventory of homes with lead service lines and failure to identify all areas in the city where people have elevated blood-lead levels. Flint

Surgery study finds costs vary greatly by region in colorado – brush news-tribune

High surgery costs By contrast, the cost averaged $39,000 in a nine-county Denver region and $41,000 in a three-county area that includes Colorado Springs. Still, the results were not crystal clear. Costs in southeast Colorado, also rural, were not nearly

Ftdi abuses windows update, pushing driver that breaks counterfeit chips – techrepublic

Given that the affected devices worked with the driver prior to FTDI’s interference, and likely worked long enough that the devices in question are now out of warranty, end users of the affected products are the victim of such interference.

_ forget the glut, oil enters irrational territory__ reuters

The fact that analysts and executives are now publicly calling out the market’s ‘irrationality’ – many of them doing so for the first time since the surprisingly deep and prolonged downturn began 18 months ago – may yet influence prices.

Massive demand for release of cities’ public records dropped by tim clemans _ the waterland blog for des moines, wa

Tirina on LETTER TO THE EDITOR: I Hate Heroin Everybody’s records Cato on City Council honors departing member Bob Sheckler, passes budget changes “Tim Clemans, the award-winning programmer who bombarded the Seattle Police Department with public disclosure requests until it

Hottopics – university of maryland, baltimore

The report developed by Simoni-Wastila and her colleagues on the interdisciplinary task force, which included representatives from the fields of medicine, pharmacy, injury prevention, and law, as well as patient representatives, insurers, and drug manufacturers, divides its recommendations into seven

Five enterprise technology trends to watch _ data center knowledge

This market landscape is pushing organizations to examine and adopt new enterprise technology approaches at an accelerating rate. Working against this backdrop, here are five business tech trends to watch: The Push to the Hybrid Cloud Accelerates Demand for increased

5 ways to save your career as an it pro — redmondmag. com

IT pros in Microsoft-centric shops can learn a thing or two from that experience. To put it bluntly: Adapt or die. The pace of change in IT isn’t slowing down. If anything, it’s picking up speed. If I could wave