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Uber_ underpaid, assaulted and disillusioned uk drivers file lawsuit exposing dark side of company

IBTimes UK put the allegations from UPHD and the Uber drivers to Uber, and were given this response from a spokesperson: “In London we have over 1.5 million regular Uber users and 30,000 more sign up every week. Uber is

Worldwide spinal surgical robots market shares, strategies, and forecasts 2016-2022 – research and markets _ business wire

– Wright / Tornier In the United States, there are 1.34 million spinal operations performed reusable surgical tools. – Medacta significant growth with the adaptation of robotic technology to the 2.2 Spine Surgery Robot Market Shares and with the highest

Jeremy peat_ ‘all in all, 2016 could prove a very difficult economic year north of the border’ (from herald scotland)

Overall the IMF’s forecast of 2.2% growth for the UK this year appear fair and reasonable; but the Office for Budget Responsibility may need to mark down its estimates for the economy and the public finances come the March UK

Cracking open the new york attorney general's damning report on ticketing_ bots, shady brokers, huge fees _ billboard

The problems here are twofold: first, a large swath of consumers are priced out of the market and, secondly, the markups and profits don’t go back to the actual producers of the show. The latter here is a long-held beef

Seattle sues monsanto over toxic waste spill in duwamish river

When has the “profit motive” NOT “TRUMPED”? concern for the Wishik said it could be years before Seattle sees a check from the company. But going after the global agricultural chemical behemoth, based in St. Louis, Mo., to pay its

Mcclatchy company centralizes production workflow with proimage newsway – whattheythink

Each McClatchy property will have its own custom workflow to meet their specific production requirements. A unique, browser-based login and password allows each to view only specific publications and multiple user access levels provides different views into production. The primary

Taking the bait_ leaked data grabs attackers' attention

This article was brought to you by SecurityIntelligence. com. The views and opinions expressed by the author do not reflect the position of IBM. Taking the Bait: Leaked Data Grabs Attackers’ Attention By Douglas Bonderud February 19, 2016 So what

Socialism or populism_

In radically different ways, Trump and Sanders are addressing the deep anxiety stemming from the secular stagnation of wages and living standards that has squeezed the middle and working classes for a generation. Sanders locates the villainy in a billionaire

Pound to euro exchange rate_ better days ahead if this key junction is navigated successfully

However, if the a base has been formed and a recovery is building then a break of this descending line must now take place. Should it happen then we would be much more confident in calling a stronger pound sterling

Tired_ if you're in pennsylvania, you're not alone – the morning call

Across the country, sleep habits vary widely by geography and demographics. The state with the highest percentage of residents who get at least seven hours of sleep was South Dakota, at 71.6 percent. It was followed by Colorado, at 71.5.

Puerto rico acknowledges ceding control key to debt accord – bloomberg business

Some Puerto Rico leaders have expressed concern that a federal control board would strip the commonwealth of its sovereignty and risked returning the island to colonial-like conditions. Governor Alejandro Garcia Padilla’s original debt-restructuring proposal called for a locally-controlled fiscal oversight

Volatility update_ fear gauge ticks higher for 2016

NASDAQ 100 Volatility Emerging Markets Volatility RED Option Advisors, Inc. and TD Ameritrade, Inc. are separate but affiliated firms. Advisory services are provided exclusively by RED Option Advisors, Inc. and brokerage services are provided exclusively by TD Ameritrade, Inc. For

Wall street rallies; s&p 500 snaps five-day losing streak – yahoo finance

“It may be that the market was a little bit oversold, a little bit too much pessimism, so bargain hunters came in to buy some shares,” Carey said. The S&P 500 posted 5 new 52-week highs and 5 new lows;

Lawmakers seek changes at western state hospital _ the news tribune

At the root of the problems is staffing. Western State has struggled to hire and keep staff, leaving hundreds of vacant jobs, including about one in four psychiatrists’ positions. Another part of the proposed legislation calls for Western State Hospital

Scale computing provides kib electronics the hyperconverged infrastructure needed to meet self-imposed high customer-centric goals _ virtual-strategy magazine

KIB Electronics looked at hyperconverged solutions from HP and Dell but felt that their attitude was poor and their customer service was lacking. Milovich said that he spoke to seven different people at Dell on seven different occasions and got

C-innovation chooses kongberg auv systems

New Flexible Buoyant Hybrid Cables • laser The HUGIN includes swappable batteries and removable data storage. The C-I MUNINs have a fast charge system and data download facility designed to maximize productivity and minimize down-time between dives. They are also