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Baker hughes incorporated (nyse_bhi), (dji) – halliburton_ how deep could oil slump cut for merger-focused firm_ _ benzinga

Volatile Stock While other blue-chip stocks are hurting since the beginning of the year with double-digit retreats, MCD shares are off less than 1% (figure 2). In the last quarter, HAL executives told analysts that the drop in global crude

Ailing dollar presents once-in-a-generation opportunity for canadian businesses _ economy _ business in vancouver

To understand what is happening to the Canadian dollar and the opportunities ahead, let’s do some economic time travelling, starting in 2000. All this creates a once-in-a-generation opportunity for Canadian exporters to take advantage of a competitive currency. The economic

Republican self-destruction is fun to watch, but bad for us all – the washington post

Follow us on Facebook and Twitter. Twitter: @EJDionne And they should acknowledge that a conservatism focused so obsessively on lower taxes for the wealthy and deregulation of the economy has little to say to the Americans with modest incomes who

Groupon goods aims to handle returns more efficiently

E-retailer Groupon Goods has installed new software at a fulfillment center to streamline the way it handles e-commerce returns. The return rate for Groupon Goods, No. 30 in the Internet Retailer 2015 Top 500 Guide, varies by category, but the

Waldo county homesteader keeps goats, practices lost craft of pruning for fodder — homestead — bangor daily news — bdn maine

“But I had a couple of goats, and they were doing fine,” she said. “The animals seemed like a more sustainable option in the face of climate change and instability.” The goats love eating trees such as cedar and yellow

Will meet fiscal deficit target without expenditure cuts_ fm – moneycontrol. com

The second factor which is again not substantially beyond our control, two bad years of monsoons. I think between Arvind Subramanian’s initial assessment at the time of the economic survey that we could touch 8 percent and where we have

Rangers catcher inspired to give back by his father

“Let’s make this happen, do everything we need to do to make this happen, all the legal stuff and paper work,” he recalled telling his dad. “That’s something I said to him, and he kept believing,” Robinson said. The catcher

Understanding and measuring power-supply transient recovery time _ test & measurement content from electronic design

High-performance power analyzers have better than 0.1% vertical accuracy, 16-bit resolution, and digitization speeds of 1 Msample/s or more. This combination of fast digitization and accurate voltage measurement allows you to easily measure power-supply load transient response and identify when

_toxic loans in china weigh on global growth – the hindu_

Official figures show that Chinese banks pulled back on their lending in December Official figures show that Chinese banks pulled back on their lending in December. If such trends persist, China’s economy, the second-largest in the world behind the United

Bharat biotech seeks modi`s help to speed up zika vaccine

In the inactivated vaccine, he said the disease-causing microbe’s RNA is detroyed using heat, radiation and suitable chemicals, while in originated in France’s ReUnion Island) and dengue fever, which are quite prevalent in India. The announcement comes at a time

The five best used sporty subaru cars – graham scott – chronicle live

Subaru are perhaps most known for their four-wheel drive rally-influenced cars, but there’s a surprisingly wide range of options out there. We go beyond the Impreza to bring you the pick of the best. 1. Impreza P1 (1992-2003) But you

Who's right in apple's fight with the fbi_ _ frontline

The FBI can be histrionic in its efforts to sway public opinion on encryption, but in this case, the government has been measured in its actions. Privacy advocates, who have objected to every move to accommodate technology to law enforcement’s

Glazer_ prosperity via detroit, knowledge economy

Metro Minneapolis on all these metrics is the Great Lakes leader. And largely because of that, Minnesota is, by far, the most prosperous state in the Great Lakes. Our research found two other common characteristic of prosperous states: (1) an

As climate change threatens central america coffee, cocoa boom is born

The devastating impacts of roya forced many affected farmers to reconsider the wisdom of re-investing in coffee. Many decided on cocoa, calculating that rising temperatures would only make coffee in those areas more vulnerable. “Leaf rust was an effect of

Otter tail power company files rate case in minnesota nasdaq_ottr

Save energy, save money Residential customers would see average monthly increase of approximately $9.50 218-739-8297 (office) “While we’ve been diligent in managing expenses and selecting low-cost options to meet customer needs, the cost of providing service is more than we’re

City to purchase more police department vehicles

EAU CLAIRE, Wis. (WEAU)- The City of Eau Claire is looking to purchase 12 new vehicles for the police department; that’s a 25% increase from the vehicles purchased last year. “We have a history of waiting 120,000 miles before turning