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Business briefs, oct. 21, 2015 _ bradenton herald

NEW YORK — The trustee recovering money lost by investors with imprisoned financier Bernard Madoff has reported a new milestone, saying a new distribution will mean allowable claims of $1.1 million or less will have been fully reimbursed. To protect

Continuity protecting businesses against downtime with business continuity _ menafn. com

Recent report says; “98% of businesses do not backup all of their data 40% of companies die within a year due to a failed Disaster Recovery (DR) plan 70% of people are indifferent towards a planned backup and disaster recovery

Alone, in a crowd, with gregory crewdson – the new york times

Mr. Crewdson’s photographs almost always project solitude, whether it be a lone car on a suburban street or a pregnant woman deep in thought in her backyard at night. In his new body of work, “ Cathedral of the Pines,”

Cdc ships zika test for pregnant women; puerto rico at risk _ fox25

The CDC is urging pregnant women or those trying to become pregnant not to travel to Zika-affected areas. But if they already did, the CDC is telling doctors to test the women for Zika between two weeks and 12 weeks

Nu gets _311,778 to study red-light camera program – story _ wfld

After disclosing that the nation’s largest red-light camera program was built on bribery, the Chicago Tribune sponsored its own study conducted by researchers at Texas A&M’s Transportation Institute. But what about removing red-light cameras from even more intersections? The mayor

Android 6.0 marshmallow custom rom for google nexus 4 now available [how to install] _ trending news _ lawyer herald

Verizon’s Moto X 2014 Receives Official Green Light for Android M 6.0 Marshmallow via Custom ROMs Trending On The Web There are two ways of updating the Nexus 4 to Android M but according to The Voice, the best method

New video shows america’s only known wild jaguar

“The Rosemont Mine would destroy El Jefe’s home and severely hamstring recovery of jaguars in the United States,” said Serraglio. “At ground zero for the mine is the intersection of three major wildlife corridors that are essential for jaguars moving

The morning news headlines_ – wales online

The proportion of poorer students at some of the UK’s leading universities has fallen in the past decade despite attempts to boost numbers. For all general advertising enquiries please ring 029 2022 2444, or for recruitment advertising, please ring 029

3 numbers_ will the worrisome rise in us jobless claims continue_

Eurozone: Consumer Confidence & Business Climate Indicators (1000 GMT) Next month’s flash estimate of Eurozone GDP for the fourth quarter of 2015 (scheduled for February 12) is on track to reveal relatively upbeat news, based on estimates from a variety

Defense secretary carter_ 'we need to accelerate the defeat of isil' _ kcbx

INSKEEP: Do you have to be prepared to be deploying or continuing to deploy military forces for years into the future in Afghanistan, Iraq and Syria? In an interview with NPR Morning Edition host Steve Inskeep, Carter offered a broad

Iowa fights snow with data — gcn

How it works In addition to informing the public, Abrams said, the enhanced system “allows supervisors to understand what their trucks are doing and to make adjustments in real time.” Most residents of the Mid-Atlantic states, now digging out from

Parabon awarded us dod contract to aid identification of unknown remains

™ Kinship Analysis to Be Enhanced for Toughest Missing Personnel Cases from Past Conflicts including World War II, the Vietnam War, Korean War and the Cold War. Soldiers of Delta Company, 3d U. S. Infantry Regiment (The Old Guard), finish

___police professional __ news __ prime minister_ my prison pet project aims to erase ‘scandal’ of high offending rates__

Shadow Justice Secretary Lord Falconer welcomed the government plans but said the “scandalous failure David Cameron condemns is his own”. In recent years, Mr Hardwick has been responsible for carrying out a number of inspections on UK prisons, with recent

Tips to keep safe during a hospital stay _ triblive

Hospitalized patients can help reduce their risk of falling by following these key tips: • Do not try to leave the bed or chair without help after taking certain medications such as sleeping pills or pain medication During your time

Error-prone clemson centers focus on stopping shoddy fielding – post and courier

“First base is a defensive position. So many people think, ‘just put a bat over there and let him drive in runs.’ Well, that guy saves you errors,” Lee said. “You’ve got to be able to move around the bag

Weak china cues data dampen global sentiment

Speaking of monetary policy, the Bank of Japan (BoJ) shocked the global markets during trading on Friday by unexpectedly implementing negative interest rates in an attempt to keep the economy from entering stagnation. This unanticipated move shows the BoJ’s determination