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_ _ this risk is weighing on bank of america_s stock right now — the motley fool__

Bank of America’s headquarters in Charlotte, North Carolina. Image credit: iStock/Thinkstock. Feb 4, 2016 at 11:53AM Investors are concerned about China. GDP growth in the East Asian country dropped to 6.9% last year. That’s roughly twice the average annual growth

___cover story_ optimizing the future by leveraging the past – isa__

Help wanted: IIoT capabilities High-resolution data from the historian enhanced the accuracy of a calculated model, but traditional controller tuning technologies still required a steady-state condition at the start of a given step test. The steady state provided a known

The economist explains_ why gdp is so difficult to measure _ the economist

Chunky revisions to GDP are a thorn in the side of government and business alike. Central bankers typically look 18 months into the future (and so are less concerned with the recent past), but for those working to balance the

Suncoke energy partners lp (sxcp) stake raised by adams asset advisors llc – emq

A number of brokerages have recently weighed in on SXCP. Barclays lowered SunCoke Energy Partners from an “equal weight” rating to an “underweight” rating and cut their price objective for the stock from $20.00 to $7.00 in a research report

Martin ferguson-pell_ infusing innovation into the health system _ national post

There are silver linings in those dark economic clouds over Alberta. Martin Ferguson-Pell is the executive director of the Alberta Bone and Joint Health Institute and a contributor to EvidenceNetwork. ca. Find Full Comment on Facebook In fact, we’ve already

Abu dhabi residential market continues to outperform other asset classes amidst a moderating economyreal estate – zawya

Mediclinic Middle East breaks ground on hospital in Dubai – Average residential rents grew by 4% year-on year Zawya encourages you to add a comment to this discussion. You agree that when you add content to this discussion your comments

14 things to do to make this week's training schedule go more smoothly

Le Blog du Rob – The training blog of top Canadian marathoner Rob Watson. 9. Schedule in recovery time as well as your workouts. It’s a common mistake. We plan the long run, the tempo run, the workouts, etc. Every

Sutcliffe_ put yourself in the shoes of a sex assault victim _ ottawa citizen

Put yourself in the position of a woman who has just been assaulted. Is it possible that your instinct, now having one chance to bring to justice the person who has haunted you for years, might be to focus mostly

Why rest helps the brain recover from concussion – stat

“This data is very unexpected,” Burns said. He hypothesized that the synapses shrink to protect the neurons from injury after the impact. Following a concussion, the brain starts accumulating chemicals such as calcium, which flow across the synapses into neurons,

Asia markets react as japan reports final quarter contraction _ business _ dw. com _ 15.02.2016

In an interview over the weekend, China’s central bank governor Zhou Xiaochuan said there was no basis for the yuan to keep falling, and China would keep it stable versus a basket of currencies while allowing greater volatility against the

Security requirements in a new age _ itweb

Changing the game Gary de Menezes Getting security is hard enough when you control all the resources. Moving them to the cloud, are we just making the job more complicated? Tamzyn Lee Tweddle AltaVault integrates seamlessly with the existing backup

Will exxon mobil take out whiting petroleum_ – whiting petroleum corporation (nyse_wll) _ seeking alpha

In addition, Moody’s said: One company which has the balance sheet to pull off a takeover of Whiting would be Exxon Mobil (NYSE: XOM). Exxon could easily make a bid for all of Whiting’s 204 million shares at $10/share –

Affordability still holds minorities back from homeownership – themreport. com

Another report from the Urban Institute showed that clear signs of recovery have been recorded in the housing market, but minority borrowers do not seem to be linked to this recovery. An Urban Institute report found that the mortgage industry

Malware museum shows how it was “before it was all about money” – naked security

Just don’t click through if you have a deadline in the next hour or so 🙂 Now, instead of listening to the rose-tinted reminiscences of someone who was around back then [ who would that be, then? – Ed.], you

Worried that windows 10 is ‘spying’ on you_ here’s how to take back control _ zdnet

The first is Spybot Anti-Beacon. This is a one-click solution (along with an undo button in case things don’t go as you planned) from a known developer that’s been in the privacy business since 2000. If nothing else, they put

Watney would approve_ ordnance survey maps mars _ discovery news

NASA/JPL-Caltech/Univ. of Arizona Watney’s journey begins in Acidalia Planitia, the landing site for his mission (Ares 3). Inside the crater you can see deposits that were blown there by the wind. Think about it — as Watney and his crew