13 Things your content roadmap should include this year database programming languages

How will you approach your business’ content strategy this year to ensure you will have a bigger impact? Are there any specific elements your content roadmap should definitely include?

Because our site offers downloadable resources, content is everything. In the upcoming year, we want to improve our content by offering relevant files and beautiful images. In short, we want to offer content people want to use. To achieve our goal, we have a creative team perfecting the content our users see, how they see it, and how they can apply it to their projects. – shawn rubel, vecteezy

The need for top quality content has never been felt this badly before, and our focus will remain on this all-important aspect.Content roadmap we will start by developing high content standards and will distribute content across multiple channels to drive organic traffic.

Next, we make sure we track the user engagement accurately. Within the content we develop, videos will be given special preference. – derek robinson, top notch dezigns

We want all of our content to have a consistent look and feel, whether it’s appearing on our website, our social channels, or our blog. That consistent look makes us instantly recognizable and builds confidence in our brand. For potential customers, this translates to being a driven company with high standards of quality — characteristics that we bring to every project for our clients.Build content – amy balliett, killer infographics

The rise of social media and data gathering has resulted in the average user’s timeline becoming a highly insulated, personal bubble. In order to reach people through their strong filters, I plan on finding out pertinent information about both our current and ideal demographics. Then, I’ll start creating content that caters to those demographics in an attempt to reach through their filter bubbles. – bryce welker, CPA exam guy

Google is increasingly providing snippets of answers to users rather than sending them to a link. Our content offerings and our strategy works in reverse. Our roadmap consists of keywords in the most common questions asked online.Content roadmap we build content around qualitative and quantitative data provided by google utilizing resources such as answerthepublic.Com to track what questions are most asked. – matthew capala, alphametic

We plan to integrate video marketing into our sales funnels. Livestreaming on instagram (specifically when we do client photo shoots/runway shows, interviews with experts, and general Q&as) will also become a larger part of our content marketing strategy. We find that our followers love when we show behind-the-scenes videos at a fashion photo shoot or a runway show production. – kristin marquet, creative development agency, LLC

Currently, even the most automated marketing processes involve tons of time-consuming manual work and analysis.Your content thus, in 2018, our primary goal will be to experiment with AI-based tools which will allow us to execute our content strategy much faster and more efficiently. Our focus will be intelligent email content curation, highly personalized website experience and AI-powered content creation. – david henzel, davidhenzel.Com

We would invest in identifying true personas for each product (regardless of industries) and build the content for those personas across the funnel. Business-to-business marketing has been tough and a lot of redundant and stale content is circulated by vendors. We would rather focus on creating fresh and relevant content and, if needed, share useful resources created by others in the industry.Build content – shilpi sharma, kvantum inc.

In 2018 we’re going to prioritize guest posting on other blogs and websites to increase our domain rank and show up higher in search results. Guest posting has worked well for us in 2017 and we’re going to continue increasing our efforts in 2018. – syed balkhi, optinmonster

Everyone and their mother is now creating high-quality content. That’s the easy part. 2017 has shown us that the marketing part of content marketing is much more important than frequency. Spend 80% of your content resources on promotion and the results will amaze you. Publish less frequently if you have to, but put the emphasis on each article reaching as many people as possible.Consistent look – karl kangur, MRR media

Making accessibility a part of our editorial workflow (such as adding alt text for images to our pre-pub checklist) is just the starting point of ensuring our content is inclusive and relevant to a wider audience. Examining how a piece of content can reach additional audiences just by improving our accessibility tooling has to be part of planning any long-term content roadmap. – thursday bram, the responsible communication style guide

Creating high-quality, relevant, and engaging content for our website and social media channels is, as always, priority number one. There’s always room for improvement, of course, especially when it comes to content promotion.Your content in addition, we will be bringing more focus and attention to underutilized channels such as quora and linkedin. – ismael wrixen, FE international

We’ll be adding a curated, multi-perspective database of recommendations targeted towards the leaders inside growth-stage startups. Articles from paul graham, marc andreessen, jeff bezos, and more will get shown to users right alongside their company dashboard. We’ll give multiple perspectives on the same issue you’re seeing and it’ll all be based on what’s happening inside your firm at the time. – brian fritton, ayeaye.Io