100 qtp interview questions

Normal Mode: It is the default recording mode and takes full advantage of QTP’s Test Object Model. Database link It recognizes objects regardless of their position on -screen. Database google This is the preferred mode of recoding and is used for most of the automation activities.

Low-level recording mode: This mode records the exact x,y co-ordinates of your mouse operations. Database update It is helpful in testing hashmaps. Data recovery news It is useful for recording objects not identified by normal mode of QTP.

Analog mode: This mode records exact mouse and keyboard “movements” you perform in relation to the screen / application window. Data recovery austin This mode is useful for the operation such as drawing a picture, recording signature., drag and drop operations.

2) Call to Existing Action. Data recovery micro sd card – In this, Object Repository , Script and Datable will NOT be copied but a call (reference) would be made to the Action in the source script.

Your application may contain objects that behave like standard objects but are not recognized by QTP. Database relationship diagram You can define these objects as virtual objects and map them to standard classes, such as a button or a check box. Data recovery services near me QTP emulates the user’s action on the virtual object during the run session. Database worksheet In the test results, the virtual object is displayed as though it is a standard class object.

For example, suppose you want to record a test on a Web page containing a bitmap that the user clicks. Database constraints The bitmap contains several different hyperlink areas, and each area opens a different destination page. Database vault When you record a test, the Web site matches the coordinates of the click on the bitmap and opens the destination page.

To enable QTP to click at the required coordinates during a run session, you can define a virtual object for an area of the bitmap, which includes those coordinates, and map it to the button class. Qmobile data recovery software When you run a test, QTP clicks the bitmap in the area defined as a virtual object so that the Web site opens the correct destination page.

Using this code Eg. Tally erp 9 data recovery software Browser(“Core Values”).GetROProperty(“version”) you can extract the Browser and its correspondin version. 7 databases in 7 weeks Ex: Internet Explorer 6 or Netscape 5. 3 database models Based on this value you call the actions which are relevant to that browser.

Logical name is a name given by QTP while creating an object in the repository to uniquely identify it from other objects in the application. Database programmer salary This name would be used by the QTP to map the object name in script with its corresponding description in the object repository. Database developer salary Ex: Browser(“Browser”).Page(“Guru99”) Here Guru99 is the logical name of the object.

Using descriptive programming , you do not store the object and its property values in the Object repository but mention the property value pair directly in the script.

18) When ordinal identifiers alone can make an object unique then why they are not given top priority? Why it is first mandatory and next assistive. Data recovery agent Why we cannot go for ordinal identifiers directly?

QTP Automation Object model deals with Automation of QTP itself. Data recovery usb flash drive Almost all configuration and functionality provided by QTP is represented by QTP’s Automation Object Model . Data recovery windows Almost all dialog boxes in QTP have a corresponding automation object which can set or retrieved using the corresponding properties or methods in the Automation Object Model.QTP Automation Objects can be used along with standard VB programming elements like iterative loops or conditional statements to help you design a script of choice.

If parameterized, text output values will capture values appearing in each iteration which would be stored in the run-time data table for further analysis.

Step Generator enables use to Add Test Steps in your script. Database definition Using step generator you can add steps to your script without actually recording it.

23) How to make QTP understand the difference amongst the same type of objects .Suppose there are 5 check boxes in a page and I have to choose the 2nd one, how to do that through script?

Actions have their own Object Repository & Data Table. Data recovery definition Actions help make your Test modular and increase reuse. Database or database Example: You can divide your script into Actions based on functionality like Login, Logout etc.

Functions is a VB Script programming concept and do not have their own Object Repository or Data Table. Data recovery software windows Functions help in re-use of your code. Cost of data recovery Ex: You can create a Function in your script to concatenate two strings.

Keyword View is an icon based view which shows test steps in tabular format. Database first entity framework It also automatically generates documentation for the test steps.

1) Create your test plan – This is preparatory phase where you identify the exact test steps, test data and expected results for you automated test. Data recovery iphone 5 You also identify the environment and system configurations required to create and run your QTP Tests.

2) Recording a session on your application – During this phase , you will execute test steps one by one on your AUT ,and QTP will automatically record corresponding VB script statements for each step performed.

3) Enhancing your test – In this stage you will insert checkpoints , output values , parameterization , programming logic like if…else loops to enhance the logic of your test script.

7) Reporting defects – Any incidents identified needs to be reported. Raid 0 data recovery If you are using Quality Center , defects can be automatically raised for failed tests in QTP.

Data like parameterized output , checkpoint values , output values are stored in the Run-time Table. 7 data recovery serial key It is an xls file which is stored in the Test Results Folder. Database modeling It can also be accessed in the Test Fusion Report.

Check point is a verification point that compares a current value for a specified property with the expected value for that property. A database record is an entry that contains Based on this comparison, it will generate a PASS or FAIL status.

An output value is a value captured during the test run and can be stored in a specified location like the Datable or even a variable. Java database Unlike Checkpoints, no PASS/FAIL status is generated.

You can use the Batch testing tool to run multiple scripts. Easeus data recovery 9 serial Once the scripts are added in the tool , it will automatically open the scripts and start executing them one after the other.

A step when declared optional is not mandatory to be executed. Iphone 5 data recovery software free If the corresponding GUI object is present, QTP performs the operation on it. Database partitioning If the GUI object is not present, QTP bypasses the optional step and proceeds to execute the next step.

In smart identification, QTP does not give an error if the property values do not match, but uses Base filter and Optional Filter properties to uniquely identify an object. Database gif In Smart identification, if a property value does not match the script does not fail but it proceeds ahead to compare the next property. Database project ideas Smart identification can be enabled in Object Identification Dialog box.

We can make use of the “Generate Script” function available in Object Identification, Test Settings and Tools/Options tab to create a zip of the script at the source computer. Iphone 5 data recovery without backup These zip files then can be imported into QTP at the destination computer.

No. Bplan data recovery You can work with only single instance of QTP on the same machine. Data recovery boston ma But QTP itself can work on multiple instances of the Application Under Test (AUT). Ipad 2 data recovery Ex: QTP can handle multiple IE browser windows.

Descriptive programming includes property name and property value. Data recovery company Whenever UFT is facing difficulty in identifying objects from object repository, and instead the object is directly identified from the script is known as descriptive programming.

In order to ease the process of test automation using UFT, test automation is designed. Data recovery network drive There are mainly three types of automation frameworks in UFT

• Data Driven Framework: It is used to test same flow with different test data, test data is given more importance than multiple functionality of application

a) It is used to remove duplicate objects. Data recovery yelp Same objects exists in different screens or windows of your application. Database join table If you use OR in this case you have to store same object under different object hierarchy in OR. Google database To deal with such situation, descriptive programming is used

b) It is not appropriate in certain scenarios to store the objects inside OR (Object Repository). Database quizlet Suppose if you want to print 100 links on the page, you should not store all links in OR. Database synonym Instead you should use Description Programming to access those links.

Settoproperty stands for set test object property. Database management jobs You can use this property to change the object values at runtime. Iphone 6 data recovery free You can edit the property values during the runtime, but the changes that are made are temporary.

Exitaction is used when we want to exit from a particular action, while exititeration is used to exit from a particular action iteration of an action.

d) Sync method: The code will wait until browser page is completely loaded. Data recovery ubuntu For web application testing this method is used. Database diagram tool 80) In QTP explain what is crypt object

a) Normal mode : It is the default recording mode and used for most of the automation activities. Database field types Regardless of their position on screen it recognizes objects.

b) Low level recording mode: It is useful for recording objects not identified by normal mode of QTP. Data recovery best buy It records the exact x,y coordinates of your mouse operations.

b) Call to existing Action: In this, script data-table and object repository are not copied instead a call reference would be made to the action in the source script

When running a test, it test fails in opening a dialog box, QTP does not necessarily abort the test run. Raid 5 data recovery It bye passes any step designated “optional” and continues running the test. Database administrator salary nyc By default QTP automatically marks as optional steps that open certain dialog boxes. Database p In order to set an optional step in the keyword, right click and select “Optional Step”. Cloud 9 database The icon for optional step would be added in next step. Data recovery on ssd In the expert view to add optional step, add optional step to the beginning of the VBScript statement.

qrs means “Quicktest Recovery Scenario”. Database query tools By using recovery scenario manager we can handle exceptions in test execution.In QTP using recovery scenario manager we can handle exceptions in test execution. Database 2000 In QTP when you create a recovery scenario, you must save it in .qrs file. Database business rules qrs file may have any number of scenarios defined in it.

“Action 0” is created by default when you create a new test in QTP along with action 1. Iphone 5 data recovery To determine the sequence in which we call other actions 1,2,3 etc. Database implementation action 0 is used.

In keyword driven automation framework, the focus is mainly on keywords/functions and not the test data. Raid 1 data recovery software It means the complete focus is on creating functions which maps the functionality of the application.

Here you can get 3 Questions bonus 🙂 101) Explain how you can delete excel file in QTP? To delete excel file in QTP, Set fo = createobject(“Scripting.filesystemobject”) fo.deletefile(“C:\xyz.xlsx”) Set fo=nothing

World Wide Web Consortium (W3C) came up with some instructions and guidelines for Web-based technology and information systems to make it easy for the disabled to access the web. Seagate data recovery For example the standards make it mandatory to have an ‘alt text’ for an image. Database report So a blind person who is accessing the website, will use text – to -speech converters and atleast understand what the image is about if not see it. Data recovery specialist All these standards are checked by Accessibility Checkpoints.